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Fresh video from the Golden Jubilee celebration in Kathmandu.

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Fresh video from the Everest Golden Jubilee celebration
15:01 p.m. EDT May 29, 2003
Luanne Freer from the Base Camp Medical clinic is now down in Kathmandu. She just attended the Golden Jubilee celebration and has send back a fresh pic and video of the Hillary's.

The party isn't over, however, it has just begun. In Kathmandu, the bars of Thamel will be cranking. Even up in the Khumbu valley, there are celebrations going on.

And then there are the guys pulling the biggest all-nighter of them all. Right this minute South Side climbers are high on Everest pushing for the summit - they left just hours ago.

Along with them are all the people out there following along on their journey through the Internet, staying up through the night.

Tonight, the world celebrates - so lift up your beer, chang, or if you are one of those climbers, your near frozen water bottle and salute the tallest mountain in the world, it's her night!

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