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Fresh update from Everest Snowboarders
15:48 p.m. EDT Aug 18, 2003
The Everest snowboarders just came in with a latest update. This is lucky as the Monsoon rolled in with clouds just as Thuraya (the sat phone provider) announced outage for yesterday Sunday 17th at 20.00 hours GMT (5 hours duration) and next today August 18th at 01.00 hours GMT. Final cut off to take place Wednesday 20th of August starting at 22.00 hours GMT (2 hours).

Writes the team:

"We just arrived back to ABC after spending three nights (15th to 17th) at 6,600 meters on the shoulder of Changzheng Peak (6,977 meters).

The end of the high pressure (beautiful sunny weather) that we had for the better part of a week ended a few hours after we set up our tent. This was a bit of a relief as we are working on our acclimatization and are not ready to attempt our climb and descent of Everest just yet.

I guess this is one of the one or two "breaks" in the monsoon weather. We hope that we get another!"

Read their full dispatch and check out more fresh pics!
Check also today's feature story on the Hornbein couloir ("Top Feature stories" to your left).

Stephen Koch aims to snowboard the Seven Summits. With only one left to go – Everest – he chose the hard way; down one of the world’s most famous direct lines, the Hornbein Couloir. Jimmy Chin plans to climb to the top with Stephen and then ski down. Off season, in the Monsoon, there are no sherpas, no fixed ropes and no O2. Stephen, Jimmy and Eric are friends from Wyoming. The expedition uses Contact 2.0 software to provide Web updates and to send their stunning photos.

Image ascent of Changzheng Peak courtesy of the Everest Snowboard Expedition

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