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FedEx-pedition courier says goodbye
10:53 a.m. EDT Apr 29, 2003
With mixed emotions, ExplorersWeb's trusty courier heads down valley. On one hand, it's hard to leave just as you get into the groove of things, make new friends, and get used to the outdoor toilets. On the other hand, indoor plumbing, the luxuries of a warm bed, and friends and family will surely be welcomed. She writes in her latest dispatch, "I mean I've reached my goal, and now I'm on my way home. The adventure is finished."

It can be quite the contrary - the adventure has just begun! A trek to Everest's base camp has been known to spark the hidden explorer in many a person out there. Who knows where she'll be off to next?

ExplorersWeb's FedEx-pedition courier left home in early April on a mission to deliver some back-up tech to teams in base camp and also volunteer with the new Base Camp Medical Clinic. This was her first time to Nepal and the Everest region. Every day thoughout her journey she has posted live dispatches and pictures straight from the trail.

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