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FedEx-pedition courier back home
18:45 p.m. EDT May 14, 2003
Kristina left Sweden one month ago to venture to the unknown, and make one of the world’s highest tech deliveries to Everest base camp. Exactly 31 days later she arrived back in Sweden with her mission accomplished and a newly lit fire in her eyes to go back to Everest and venture beyond the cozy confines of basecamp and onto its slopes.

Throughout her travels, everyone around the world with access to the Internet had the ability to travel right alongside of Kristina, see what she saw, and experience what she experienced.

Using the Contact 2.0 expedition software we were witness to her first pensive steps through the congestion of Kathmandu, to the headaches, nausea, and odd dreams in Lobuche, to her arrival in base camp bringing tech goodies to the clinic and Everest expeditions.

Some times were better than others, but no good adventure is without challenges and a little bit of suffering - just as no good adventure is without triumphs, and that Kristina had many.

In her final dispatch Kristina wrote, “When arriving at Arlanda, Sweden, my parents stood waiting for me with flowers. It was nice meeting them again! But I miss Nepal. I will return!! Thank you ExplorersWeb for giving me this opportunity!”

Well, thank you Kristina for sharing your journey with us all – we look forward to your next!

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