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ExplorersWeb week in review
21:24 p.m. EDT May 18, 2003
Lhotse, Manaslu, Annapurna, and Makalu were all summited this week. A Nepali/Indian Army team, Japanese, and Korean team made Lhotse early on, Makalu was summited by a Chinese/Tibetan team, Annapurna on Friday by a Japanese team, and just yesterday Manaslu was summited by two climbers on a Polish expedition.

Everest is a-buzz with activity. Teams are positioned as high as Camp IV, 7900m, and summits are expected as soon as Tuesday morning Nepal time. (Monday evening Eastern Standard Time.)

The Greenland ski and snowboard expedition is in full swing. After some poor weather, the crew has been able to ski some great lines. They have also broken out their kites and, “power kited,” on the Karale glacier. (Located in eastern Greenland.)

Everest Web TV is up. MountEverest.net has compiled all the latest Everest videos from the 2003 season – from Cookin’ in Camp II, skiing below the Lhotse Wall, to footage of tents getting shredded in Camp III during hurricane force winds, and more!

Arctic skier Pen Hadow is just a day away from the North Pole. When he makes it, he will be the first to ski to the to the Geographic North Pole from Canada, solo, and unsupported.

Ocean Rowing update – After 80 days at sea Solo Indian Ocean rower Simon Chalk is more than halfway there. He continues to fight currents that are pushing him north. Rob and Mike too are rowing across the Indian Ocean, but having started just 29 days ago still have quite a bit ahead. They have been pounded by storms, but are still making progress. The water maker has been on the fritz, so they have had to break out the manual back-up unit and pump by hand – a very arduous task.

An exclusive interview with a Polar champ – Borge Ousland. ExplorersWeb caught up with Polar veteran Borge Ousland for a Q&A while on his latest challenge – Mount Everest’s south side

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