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16:14 p.m. EDT May 11, 2003
An unconfirmed dispatch from an Everest team reports that a Japanese expedition summited Lhotse yesterday, May 10th.

On Everest, teams spent the last week cleaning up the mess and destruction to equipment caused by last weekend’s extremely high winds. Climbers on Kangchenjunga, Everest, and Manaslu have started their summit bids, but some have been thwarted by poor weather. A couple of teams are finishing their final round of acclimatization and many will be ready for more summit pushes soon. The waiting game for good weather conditions has started.

The Greenland ski and snowboard expedition has started. The small team is currently in a Mountain Hut, and will be venturing out onto the Kalare glacier for some ski mountaineering in East Greenland. They will be using kites to travel between different peaks.

Skiing solo and unsupported, Pen Hadow is back on track after spending several days locked up in his tent. He started from Canada and is currently less than 2 degrees away from the Geographic North Pole.

Ocean Rowing update – Solo Indian Ocean rower Simon Chalk has been getting a beating by the rough seas this past week. He has been out there for over 70 days and is more than halfway to his goal of Madagascar. Rob and Mike are also rowing on the Indian Ocean – they’ve only been out there for 22 days thus far. In Japan, Mick Dawson is sitting tight waiting for the weather to give. Mick is going to try and row solo across the Northern Pacific Ocean from Japan to California.

MountEverest.net ranked number 1 in the world! Since the new MountEverest.net was launched, amazing results have surfaced and our reach rank has climbed incomparably throughout the week.

ExplorersWeb image of Everest and Lhotse.

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