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22:56 p.m. EST Nov 28, 2003
A winter expedition currently on Lhotse, Ocean rowers set new record and Antarctica kicks off!

Winter Lhotse expedition reaches Camp I. The Japanese winter South Face Lhotse expedition wrote into ExplorersWeb earlier this week that they’ve reached Camp I on their expedition. They started their climb on November 15th and will stay until December 20th. In 2001 another Japanese team, led by the same person from this recent expedition, tried the South Face of Lhotse in the winter as well, but retreated due to bad weather.

Holiday Shoppe Challenge wins the Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Challenge. The crew crossed the finish line at Port Charles, Barbados at 1552 GMT yesterday. They set a new race record by completing the double handed rowing race in 40 days, 4 hours, and 53 minutes.

To fly or not to fly? That is the question. Just this past week the Omega Livingston expedition managed to leave Puntas Arenas and make it down to King George Island, off the coast of Antarctica. They flew in a small Dash- 7 plane organized by DAP. ANI and their huge Ilyushin haven’t been as lucky. As of yesterday, winds remained too high for the large Russian aircraft to fly down the South Pole and Vinson expeditions to Patriot Hills. For them, the waiting game begins – it can be a few days, or even a few weeks before they are able to land in Antarctica.

The Italians to measure K2. The big Italian expedition to Everest and K2 this upcoming year will be bringing some equipment with them to re-measure the height of K2, and possibly Everest as well. It’s as if there are enough different heights out there for the two mountains already! Perhaps this upcoming measurement will help confirm existing measurements of the two and not add yet another number to the mix.

Fabrizio Zangrilli talks to ExplorersWeb. Fabrizio, who just returned from an attempt at Nuptse East, 7804m, formerly the highest unclimbed peak in the world, talks to us about the expedition, how he hurt his knee, and his new clothing line that is about to be launched.

Dominick Arduin, who will be going for her second attempt at the North Pole speaks with ExplorersWeb. Despite falling in the Arctic Ocean last year on her North Pole attempt, and losing her toes to frostbite, Dominick is raring to go for a second shot at the Pole. This past week Dominick spoke to us about her upcoming expedition, and how losing her toes has effected her life.

Swedish couple Mikael and Titti Strandberg, their dog Sigge, and Johan Ivarsson will be embarking on a Siberian Odyssey next year. Their expedition was announced on ThePoles.com in a three part series, the third of which will be posted tomorrow. The crew will spend a year crossing through Siberia, and exploring the terrain as well as the cultures of the Siberian people. Along their journey not only will they encounter several native tribes, but also the recluses and former prison camp inmates of Siberia. The expedition will be filming and documenting their journey.

Robert Jasper and Stefan Glowacz are still making their way to the Murallon, in southern Patagonia. Together they have to carry all their supplies and gear across a glacier to get to the base. Bad weather has slowed them down, as well as the crevasse-strewn glacier. The duo will be climbing the North Eastern Side of the Murallon, over 1300 meters of steep ice and perpendicular rock.

O2’s are safer on K2. This past week ExplorersWeb studied some statistics from AdventureStats on K2. Of all the people who have died whilst descending K2, all were not using oxygen. Everyone who summited K2 using supplemental oxygen has lived.

First ascent of Annapurna III’s Southwest Ridge. Earlier this month an American climber John Varco and Brits Kenton Cool and Ian Parnell made the first ascent of the Southwest Ridge on Annapurna III, 7555m. This route was often tried, but never completed.

Mike Horn on the move again. After being held up for over three months because of permit issues, Mike received the phone call this past week saying it’s a go ahead to continue his circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle. He has been awaiting permission from the Russians to allow him to travel through Siberia. Mike left over a year ago on his supported circumnavigation.

Italian climber Gnaro Mondinelli publishes new book. The loose translation of the title of Gnaro’s book is, “A Life Outside the Tracks.” Gnaro has put together pictures from all of his expeditions in a large coffee table sized book. He also recently announced he will be on the Italian team that will be attempting both Everest and K2 this upcoming year, back to back.

Will the Mount Everest Brewery be saved? The Nepalese Chamber of Commerce is stepping in to help the Mount Everest Brewery stay afloat. They are demanding that the Brewery’s bank restructure their loans. The Everest Brewery is the same one that came out with the 50th anniversary special edition beer this past spring.

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Image of Lhotse courtesy of Gnaro Mondinelli.

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