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Expedition Everest 2004: Gearing up and counting down
10:12 a.m. EST Jan 19, 2004
Expedition Everest's climber Kevin Donovan, from Texas, recently wrote in with the latest about the team's upcoming attempt on Everest's north side. The non-guided expedition is being organized and led by Dave Pritt's Adventure Peaks.

One of the newest climbers to join the Everest Expedition 2004 is Serena Brocklebank. Serena will be following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Tom Brocklebank, who was a member of the British expedition to the north side of Everest in 1933.

In December, the seven expedition climbers hooked up in Wales to attend a pre-departure meeting and do a little climbing. They scaled Mount Snowdon. At 1,085m, Snowdon is about one eighth the height of Everest... but it is the highest peak in Wales! After climbing a Class 3+ scramble route in foggy, slippery conditions, the team was met with gale force winds on the summit. But afternoon tea awaited them on descent as well as a “grand Christmas dinner and dance that evening.” (Kevin reports, however, that the Everest climbers managed to “escape” the dance later and dashed to the nearest pub to get better acquainted.)

At the next morning’s pre-expedition meeting, expedition leader Dave Pritt covered trip details, logistics and gear for the trip. All had an opportunity to demo the British oxygen system they’ll be using this spring, which was used successfully for the first time last year by the Royal Navy Royal Marines Everest North Ridge Expedition 2003. (Check out the Summit Oxygen link at left for more info about the system.)

The team heads to Everest in March.

Kevin Donovan is climbing the north route of Everest this spring. He’ll be joining the Adventure Peaks (UK) expedition under the leadership of Dave Pritt. Adventure Peaks was also on Everest in spring 2003.

Image of Everest's north face courtesy Expeditioneverest.com

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