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ExWeb interview with Edurne Pasaban: "It's time to turn the page - to Nanga Parbat!"
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Sep 13, 2004 11: 03 EST
Edurne Pasaban is back home, resting and recovering her frostbit toes. Lounging at her couch, still unable to walk, she takes the opportunity of the imposed immobility to plan new travels and expeditions - or a book even. Phone calls help to fill the long hours and so ExplorersWeb spent some time chatting with her.

"I'll only lose two toes and they are not so important anyway"

“I am great, really. I'll only lose two toes - I’ll have the surgery next week - and those two are not so important; the second toe on each foot. Quico (Dr. Federico Arregi) has told me that I’ll be walking again mid October, and that I’ll be climbing and skiing by December.”

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