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Everest no longer tallest confirms NASA
14:57 p.m. EST Apr 1, 2004
Breaking news has just arrived from 7summits.com. Everest is no longer the tallest mountain in the world and therefore NOT a seven summits peak. It is reported that a NASA geo team, using GPS and satellite laser technology, has determined Everest to be only 8712 meters above sea level. K2 is now the tallest mountain.

Using the same measurement devices, the scientists have concluded that K2 is in fact 8738 meters above sea level. This of course changes everything for aspiring climbers and seasoned mountaineers alike. Taking these new revelations into account, we must conclude that Messner is the first person to have climbed the seven summits.

This news comes as a big shock to the dozens of expeditions heading to Everest this spring, many of whom have already set up base camp. “What’s the point” responds David, “I was making climb to check off another box on my list and now it won’t even count”. Don’t pack your bags and go home yet, ExWeb has good news.

There are now chartered flights directly from Kathmandu to Pakistan. This means for all those currently stuck in Nepal now with nothing to do, they can catch a flight right to K2. And the best part is, the price is affordable. Just contact Harry at 7summits for details.

Image of K2, the world's tallest mountain courtesy of 7summits.com

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