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Everest daily wrap up: Action on other mountains
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Apr 19, 2004 20: 43 EST

Cho Oyu Ski8000 make a summit attempt.

“Greg and Joost are ready to leave but there is one problem; The sky is clear but there blows an incredible hard wind. "It is even dangerous to get out of the tent. Being blown away may place you in several crevasses. Together with the Sherpa's they decide to stay in the tent and to wait until the wind weakens. Unfortunately the wind blows all night making a summit attempt dangerous and impossible, so the team will stay put another night to have new shot at the summit tomorrow".

Simone Moro starts on the Annapurna face.

"Today the weather is not good. Clouds and fog are in the sky. We will start after to go to ABC and for the next 2 days we will work on the face. We continue to watch by binocular the portion of face we have to climb and it looks terribly difficult. We will have to rock climb and do some dry tooling”.

Jannu north face

Pavlenko, Mikhailov and Ruchkin have descended to BC. They reached 6800 and fixed the portaledge at 6700. Other groups are going upwards to change them and work further.

Saint-Petersburg Shisha Pangma Expedition.

The team left for Tibetian boundary at 7 a.m. They'll spend night in Zangmu, then will arrive to BC April,21.

Kazakh Makalu

...arrived to the Makalu Base Camp (4800 m) by helicopter - two days later than planned because of the strong wind.

mBank Era Annapurna South Face Expedition.

Today the five will try to put fixed ropes on the way to C1. Piotr Pustelnik reports; “I think that they won’t be able to stay there overnight, so they will come back to ABC. On Monday the rest of the members will move to the C1. The weather conditions are generally the same. It sunny early in the day, but worsens to heavy clouds and fog. The conditions on the face haven’t worsened significantly, so I think that everything will be OK. We have some troubles with our generator, and with computer, but it’s the secondary thing”.

British Services Makalu reports from BC;

“With a fresh team up front today, led by Colin, it was decided to attempt a slightly different line around to the side of some of the difficulties. The evening's radio call confirmed a successful day's climbing and tomorrow will hopefully see the team gain the crest of the ridge and access to the summit of Peak Three”.


Simone Moro



British Services Makalu

Image of climber on Makalu snow ridge courtesy of British Makalu 2004.
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