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Everest 29,278 ft? Not so fast
08:00 a.m. EST Mar 14, 2004
There’s been much debate about the true height of Everest over the years, but typically the numbers have been relatively close, within 10 or 20 ft. Where’d the extra 250 ft from the number above come from? Well, the Indian Navy plans to officially start their Everest expedition from 250 ft below sea-level, in the jowels of a submarine. The 14 member team will be lead by Commander Satyabrata Dam.

The expedition plans to dive deep today or tomorrow off the coast of Goa in a Russian EKM submarine and the defence minister will officially flag off the team. So does this mean that the Indian team will be climbing the highest Everest expedition yet? Nice try guys, but this one will probably not make the record books.

In fact, any Everest climber has the opportunity to easily surmount the Indian Navy’s attempt – and a Russian sub isn’t even necessary. The shoreline of the Dead Sea is the lowest point of land on the earth, coming in at about 1,312 ft below sea level. And, you can go for a swim in the saltiest water on Earth while you’re there to boot – word is the Dead Sea has curative properties. Don’t let tell the Indians though!

The most recent maps of China and Nepal, have Everest’s height at 8848m.

Computer imaging of a submarine’s ‘flow field’ courtesy of NASA.

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