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Everest young guns cutting it close
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May 5, 2004 15: 17 EST
Britton Keeshan, a 22 year old from the States, is on Everest’s South side at Camp 2, about 6,500 meters.

The American Dan Lochner, who turns 22 this month, is climbing Everest’s North side and last reported, on Sunday, he was in ABC, about 7000m.

Why is this important? Because both these boys are in line to become the youngest to climb all seven summits. The current record for the youngest 7 summiter belongs to Japanese climber Atsushi Yamada, who completed the feat at 23 years, 9 days. Both are on target to break the current record.

A local newspaper has Britton Keeshan, “eclipsing the previous record by 6 months,” if he makes it. If you do that math, that means if Britton makes it this May on Everest, he’ll be roughly 22 years and 6 months old - the youngest.

Dan turns 22 in May. Vinson, his last mountain after Everest, is typically summited in November through January. He could potentially be 22 years and 6 months at the completion of his 7 summits.

Dan and Britton could well both become the youngest to summit all 7 - Britton in May at 22 and 6 months and then Dan in November at 22 and 6 months.

Dan Lochner and Britton Keeshan, climbing Everest from the North and South respectively, are in line to become the youngest to climb the seven summits. Britton Keeshan, the grandson of Bob Keeshan, a.k.a. Captain Kangaroo, is 22 years old and is climbing with Alpine Ascents on the South side.

Dan Lochner turns 22 this month; he is climbing with Daniel Meggitt and two Sherpas, Ang Migma Sherpa and Mingma Dorje Sherpa on the North side.

Image of Dan Lochner courtesy of oath7.com.

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