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Everest summit update: Lots of climbers summiting from both sides, MM, IAF, IMG SUMMIT
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May 30, 2005 03: 28 EST
Sherpas and Willie Benegas summited first from the south, followed by just minutes by the Mountain Madness team. Christin, Dean and Eric Garza summited as well.

This was Willie's 5th Everest summit and Christine's second (she has climbed 6, 8000ers and is one of the world's top female climbers).

Behind was Shaunna and Ben (Canada), with lot’s of other climbers coming from the South and the North! The weather is reported good. Now the long wait as they go down.

At the north side, Indian Air Force just came in with success; "Dear All, Today, 30th May, three members of the IAF team summited Everest from the North. They are Wg Cdr RC Tripathi (0515h), Sgt NR Chaudhuri (0630h) and Sqn Ldr SS Chaitanya (0945h). They are all safe and on their way back to ABC. Amit Chowdhury." (Note: all times are IST)

IMG summit: "Mark Tucker just called to report that after some slow going following the group putting in the ropes on the last portion of the route, IMG team members Dave Hahn, Doug Brockmeyer, Mingma Sherpa, Danuru Sherpa and Phunuru Sherpa reached the summit of Mt. Everest at 9:34am. The weather is still holding OK with a few clouds around, but there are quite a few people on the route below them and things seemed a bit "backed up." Jim Waldron, an experienced Himalayan climber and Cho Oyu summiter, was caught behind much of this back up and turned around near the South Summit. We'll keep you updated as we hear more from the mountain... "

Alpine Ascents: "May 30 10:00am
More news from Everest. We got another call at 9:30 that the summit team was at the South Summit. They now have a little more wind than earlier, maybe 15 knots. So they will not take a rest break at the South Summit but will continue on to the summit. They want to keep moving in case the wind picks up even more, as it has been doing for weeks. However, so far conditions are still good, and we are waiting to hear from them from the top. Ellie"

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Among the climbers pushing tonight (around 40 from the south, and 30 from the north plus sherpas) are Alpine Ascents (South): Vern Tejas and David Liano; Jagged Globe (South); Project Himalaya/DCXP (North) SUMMIT (Julian Thompson and Dawa Gyelzen); Gavin Bates (South) no oxygen Aborted; Mountain Madness (South) SUMMIT (Christine, Willie, Dean, Eric Garza); IAF (North) SUMMIT Wg Cdr RC Tripathi (0515h), Sgt NR Chaudhuri (0630h) and Sqn Ldr SS Chaitanya (0945h); 7-summit club (North): Nikolay Chernyy, Yury Taydokov, Ivan Dusharin, Grigory Skaller, Alexandre Lakovenko, Igor Pokhvalin, Karo Ovasapyan, James Wilde; IMG (South), SUMMIT Dave Hahn, Doug Brockmeyer, Mingma Sherpa, Danuru Sherpa and Phunuru Sherpa; Ben and Shaunna (South); also possibly (unconfirmed) Iran women.

Image, ExplorersWeb.

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