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Everest summit push update
14:45 p.m. EDT May 27, 2003
A possible summit attempt is going on right now by the North Side Russian Adventure team. Several climbers were up at Camp III, 8300m, and waiting for the weather to hold yesterday. The rest of the Russian team is lower, and one other climber from their crew has moved up to Camp II, 7700m.

Global Extreme’s expedition leader Chris Warner has suffered a possible concussion from getting hit in the head with an oxygen bottle. This happened while Chris was participating in last week’s rescue effort for a climber on another team. He is ok and will be heading home. Cameraman Mark Whetu will be leading the expedition now. Contestant Petit Pinson has decided not to continue on the expedition, and there are now only two contestants of the original five left. The remainder of the Global Extremes team now plans to go for the summit on the 30th or 31st.

The Northern Irish team has moved up to ABC, 6500m, and plans to make their summit push on Saturday, May 31st.

Also on the North side, two climbers from the Himex team are hoping to have another go at the summit. Other climbers on the team summited on the 22nd, amongst them was former Global Extreme’s contestant Tryntje Young. She became the 12th American woman to summit Everest.

On the South Side, Alpine Ascents and IMG are planning to make their summit pushes tomorrow. Alpine Ascents arrived in Camp IV at 7900m and will spend the night there before making their final bid. IMG is in Camp III, 7400m, and will head for Camp IV tomorrow, and then push for the summit in the evening.

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