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Everest second wave summit push update
19:31 p.m. EDT May 21, 2003
Climbers left the South Col, 7900m, 7 hours ago. By this point they are expected to reach the Balcony, 8400m. This is the furthest anyone has made it on the South Side this year. Yesterday Sherpas who were supposed to fix ropes to the summit only made it this far before turning around because of high winds.

Just below the Balcony is Camp V, where Team Miura has been for the past two days. Nobody ever uses this high camp traditionally, and definitely not for a two day camp up. It is crucial for the Japanese team that the sherpas can make it to them this time. At which point Miura will follow them along with the other climbers from Camp IV, the rest of the way to the summit.

ExplorersWeb talked to the mets one hour ago and they said that unfortunately the weather still looks crappy. The forecast for today showed 15 to 20 m/s up high, with the possibility of higher gusts. Thatís quite a lot. The forecast in addition shows no sign of improvement through the week. The monsoon is still not moving and there was nothing in sight except for a short drop of wind one early morning around May 26-27 (the dates too far away to judge now anyway). The North side summit pushes could be better off in terms of the winds, Scott Woolums reported yesterday that the north side climbers are somewhat sheltered from the wind.

There have been no updates yet from any of the expeditions on their current whereabouts.

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