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Everest's Legendary Footsteps
12:06 p.m. EDT Sep 10, 2003
Expedition Everest 2004 has announced its plans to retrace the original route pioneered by George Mallory and Sandy Irvine up the Rongbuk glacier and North Ridge route in spring 2004. “This route still offers a real mountaineering challenge,” says Kevin Donovan, a mountaineer from Fort Worth, Texas and one of the expedition’s eight members.

The Expedition Everest team is joining the permit held by Adventure Peaks LTD, whose founder Dave Pritt summited Everest from the north in 2002. Pritt’s company is leading a team of international climbers to Everest in the spring and will provide support to the Expedition Everest 2004 team as well.

The Expedition Everest 2004 team also includes Tom and Ben Clowes, British brothers who hope to summit Everest together.

Though the Expedition Everest 2004 team is almost full, they were still accepting applications as of the last update on its Web site.

Image of Mount Everest's North Face courtesy of Expedition Everest 2004.

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