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Everest quick wrap-up and ongoing summit push
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May 21, 2005 18: 39 EST
Tonight's pushes

In yesterday's Everest wrap-up, we reported that a team of 22 Chinese surveyors and women mountaineers, working to re-measure the height of Mount Everest, left their 7000 m camp Friday to climb to 8000 m before attempting the summit Sunday or Monday. A second group of 22 surveyors and mountaineers would set off from base camp towards the 7,028-meter-high camp Friday afternoon, expecting to reach the summit a day after the first group, according to the expedition leader.

Today, Chinese media confirmed that a group of 24 Chinese researchers and mountaineers started the push at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday local time, remeasuring Mount Everest underway.

Earlier this morning, ExWeb also reported that the Koreans allegedly didn't leave South Col yesterday. They might be going for the South side's first summit today.

North side debriefs

Today, several debriefs from the north side are up. Don't miss Harry Kikstra's special report from the north side. Also, the Airborne Rangers Club of Finland has updated their website today with a debrief of last nights summit push. The team points to lack of fixed ropes to the summit as a reason for their aborted push.

The Catalan climbers told ExWeb that they had to turn back at the Balcony on Everest south side due to cold and wind. Luis Benites reported to ExWeb that only a group organised by Asian trekking also reached that high, before forced to turn back. He reported, that the Koreans never left South Col yesterday. They might be going for it today. Unfortunately, a climber from last nights summit push is still missing. Check all the special reports on the site today.

Other teams

Last night, we also updated on Gerfried Göschl whose home team notified us that the Shisha Pangma climber plans his no O2 Everest attempt for next weekend.

Also last night, an update on the Iranian team arrived to ExWeb from the team's website, Iranian Mountainzone: "Today morning I heard from Iran Mountaineering Federation's bublic relation staff that Iranians are in BC now. Having been in C2 for few days, they have tried to reach C3 but the wind has moved them back. Now they are in BC waiting for probable chance before monsoon."

Image, survey system demonstrated in a three-dimensional view of Mount Qomolangma (Everest), courtesy of Outdoor Exploration.

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