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  Video from start of Marathon

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Everest marathon has finished
19:29 p.m. EDT May 19, 2003
29 runners gathered in base camp for the start of the Everest marathon this morning at 0700 hrs Nepali time. A majority of the participants were Nepali, but there were also Americans, Canadians, and South Africans in the mix. The 42 km, (26.6 mile) race started on Everestís IceFall and ended down the Khumbu valley in Namche Bazaar. The marathon is part of the Mount Everest Golden Jubilee celebration.

The downhill distance is usually covered in a 2 - 3 day trek. Top runners were expected to complete it in less than 4 hours. The race finished today and the winners will be honored during the Everest Golden Jubilee celebrations later on this week.

Image and video courtesy of BaseCampMD.com

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