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Everest late night summit wrap-up May 23
03:47 a.m. EDT May 24, 2003
Preliminary summary of yesterdays summits have it that the following climbers summited:
Ang Chhiring Sherpa (journalist), Lhakpa Sherpani (3 time woman summit), Ming Kipa Sherpani (sister and youngest ever at 15), Mingma Gyalu (brother to Sherpanis), Manuela Di Centa (Olympic medalist), Gary Guller (disabled), Pemba Dorjee (speed record), GREIM (1 climber), Estonia (1 climber), Romania (3 climbers), French 50 (3 climbers), Charlie Whitmack, Sean Burch (no O2?), Tryntje Young, (former Global Extreme) . Together with sherpas, the summit had around 30 visitors yesterday. All in all, that's around 140 summits this far.

The main question marks right now are the Swiss and the Russians (Abramov). No reports at all from them.

Tonight, the only expedition heading for the summit is (possibly) Russian Petersburg. They indicated earlier that they might give it a shot.

Remaining teams are tentative scheduled as follows (team/current pos/summit plan):

Bob Hoffman (and Apa Sherpa), C2, 25/26
Italian Speed attempt, BC, 25/26
German Bad Heilbrunner, C2, 26
Alpine Ascents, C2, 27
Jagged Globe, C2, 26/27 (or earlier)
Global Extremes, ABC, 26/27
Northern Irish, ABC, 29
Lakpa Ghelu (speed attempt), BC, 25

We'll have an exciting Everest week coming up - with several teams probably going for the 29th, the 50-year day.

Image: Sherpa placing a picture of Dalai Lama on Everest Summit

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