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Everest daily wrap up: To the summit!
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May 14, 2004 12: 26 EST
Reports differ but anywhere from 40 to 80 climbers are said to have left the South Col in this hour for the roughly 10 hour climb to the summit. If all goes well, they should reach it around late evening EST today (8-9 am local Saturday morning). Winds are expected to die down Saturday afternoon/evening and precipitation to come Monday through next week.

Everest Weather

Forecasts have come in of better winds for climbing starting the afternoon/evening on Saturday but also the possible development of the tropical cyclone in the North Bay of Bengal. Today and part of tomorrow should be the windiest days through this forecasting period. The current climbers could thus be a bit on the early side, but should be alright.

Everest North:

Italian Everest/K2 Summit bid on Monday, in C1 (7100m) today.

Adventure Peaks ABC (6400m) summit bid possibly on the 20th.

Dutch Paragliders The entire Dutch team will go for the summit on Wednesday. Ron makes his attempt despite the beating he received from a bad fall last week. And Rex heads up despite minor frostbite on his fingers.

Greek North The team split in two; one part is at 8300m the other plans to make a summit bid on Wednesday.

Bulgarians Zveta Misheva and Petko Totev are going up Friday. Others are already camping at 7,800 meters (25,590 feet), Misheva and Totev are supposed to fix the last camp at 8,300 meters (27,230 feet). Petkov said he would lead a three-member group of the climbers to the summit on Sunday or Monday and another three members of the expedition are supposed to go up on Wednesday. Check out separate story

Indian Navy came in with a late report last night, they'll go for the summit later this month. Check out separate story

Everest South:

Nawang Sherpa Tom McMillan spent an extra day at Camp 2, waiting for the weather to calm higher up on the mountain. As a result, they just arrived in Camp 3 (24,500ft.) and plan to stay there to rest. Tomorrow, Saturday May 15th, they will press on to Camp 4. They currently expect to reach the summit on Sunday, May 16th.

Greek South Reached 7950 today, heading up this minute. If all goes according to plan they will reach the summit at about 8-11pm(EST) this evening.

Alpine Ascents and Adventure Consultants are both in Pheriche.

Jagged Globe reports that 70 to 80 climbers are heading up from Camp 4 today. Check out the separate story.

Mountain Madness is resting at Camp 2, climbing to Camp 3 early in the morning. “Today about 40 people climbed to Camp 4, at the South Col., and will begin their summit attempt tonight between 9:00 and midnight. If all goes well they will all summit in the morning of the 15th. We will be trying for the summit on the morning of the 17th, at the same time as five other groups. We will be with the Spanish team which has three climbers, the Irish which has 2 climbers, the Swiss that consists of two climbers, the International team which has eleven climbers, and the David Breashears team which has quite a bit of folks because they have a whole film crew with them.”

Ed Viesturs, Annabelle Bond and the Chileans May be among the teams heading to the summit right now.

Mex/Can expect to reach the summit Sunday.

Khoo Swee aiming for the summit on Monday.

Everest in the news:

Craig Van Hoy of Happy Valley, Oregon is hoping his third try will be the charm to reach the top Saturday. Read story here

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Image of climbers on the Knife Ridge from ExWeb files.
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