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Everest daily wrap up: More high winds expected Sunday
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May 7, 2004 12: 39 EST
A South side push for C4 today with many teams finishing with acclimatization. Kangchenjunga pre-summit reached by Korean 8000er climber. More high winds expected from Sunday. The Nepal Prime Minister resigned.

Everest Weather:

A ridge is passing over Everest with mainly dry weather for Saturday but will be followed by westerly winds and some showers. Winds will pick up again on Monday, reaching hurricane force at the summit.

Everest North:

Russian Adventure team shooting for Camp 2 (7600-7800m). Dave D’Angelo reports in today’s voice dispatch that they are now in Camp 1; weather is nice but supposed to deteriorate. Once they spend a night at Camp 2 they will be ready for a summit push.

Italian Everest/K2 has sent five climbers up to the North Col (+7000m) today.

British Bro.’s Andy & Ian Prentice write about their recent trip to the North Col: “The route twists it's way up over 600m from ABC with the last 400m pitched between 45 and 80 degrees on a mixture of soft snow and blue ice. There are fixed lines available although they consist of something equivalent to my grans old washing line - just not as strong!”

Patrick Bernier is in BC. Sunshine and a bottle of rum are helping to restore morale and prepare him for final acclimatization.

Flying Dutchmen will push above 8000m tomorrow then back to ABC. Tomorrow, Rex's birthday, will also mark his personal height record.

Everest South:

Mex/Can push for Camp 4. Read seperate story.

Alpine Ascents Made the climb to Camp 3 in beautiful weather - complaining about being to hot! Plan is to spend the night on the Lhotse Wall and head down to BC tomorrow.

Adventure Consultants in Camp 2, gulping down heaps of water and keeping the mood up. Plan is to reach Camp 3 (7400m) Sunday.

Jagged Globe’s Clive and Kenton spent a night in Camp 3.

Over Everest has their fuel and is making their way to BC. They will move to Syangboche as soon as possible.

Ed Viesturs, Jimmy Chin and the '1996 disaster' film crew are back in BC.


The Kazakh team installed Camp 3 at 7400m

British Services is at 7200 and going for C2 at 7400m today.


mBank Expedition with Piotr Pustelnik heading up to Camp 2. Read seperate story.

Kangchenjunga :

Kangchenjunga pre-summit reached Read seperate story.

In the News:

Nepal Prime Minister resigns

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Image of Dutch Camp 3 courtesy of everest2004.nl
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