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Everest daily wrap-up May 9, 2003
12:37 p.m. EDT May 9, 2003
Teams are on the mountain and getting in position for a summit push. On the North side the Russian Adventure team has started up and on the 11th the Chinese will start their push. On the South side, teams are in Camp II, 6800m, and some will be advancing to Camp III, 7300m, as soon as tomorrow. Others are opting to take a day of rest before heading higher.

Elsewhere in the Himalayas, a small and strong team will be leaving in 8 hours for the summit of Kangchenjunga from their temporary camp at 7700m.

The weather forecast for Everest’s summit level the next couple of days has wind speeds varying from 10 to 25 m/s. The summit can be made in 10 m/s winds; however only the most experienced climbers can make it in 25 m/s.


Summit winds: About west 20-25 m/s. At the end of the period possibly increasing. During Saturday and Sunday cache of winds dropping to 10-15 m/s due to shifts in the Jet. Weather: Lower levels (5-6000 m) at the start mostly weak winds, 5-10 m/s, but during Sunday-Tuesday at times 10-15 m/s due to passing troughs.

An upper trough is moving eastwards during Saturday with moist weather and some precipitation mainly as snow showers. There’ll be a short period with drier weather due to a small ridge for rest of Saturday and beginning of Sunday. New troughs will pass in beginning of next week with rather moist weather and snow showers.

Everest East

High winds take down Cathy and Ian’s base camp tents. Little is lost or damaged, except for the tents. The duo has taken to the route at last, but snow conditions are very bad - knee deep loose powder on top of ice.

Everest North

The Chinese leave on the 11th for the summit! This large team will be attempting to do a live video transmission from the summit of Everest.

Climbers in the Northern Irish team have gone up to asses their damage. Expedition leader Richard Dougan is on his way back up to the mountain after recovering from tonsillitis and laryngitis below base camp.

Everest South

Jagged Globe is in Camp II, 6800m on their summit push. They plan on heading up to Camp III, 7300m on Saturday.

The South Africans are in Camp II on their summit push. They will take a day of rest before heading up to Camp III.

The Irish Everest team gets a new webmaster. Pat Duggan, who returned from Everest after helping with the team’s tech takes over from Denis O’Neill who is out living his dreams and traveling the world.

Charlie Wittmack is in Camp II on his summit push.

Adventure Consultants have reached Camp III, 6800m, on an acclimatization trip.

The Alpine Ascents team made it to Camp II on an acclimatization trip. Weather kept the team down in base camp before they made their break.

Bob Hoffman’s American Commemorative team is hoping to go for the summit on the 15th. Their Sherpas have about 3 or 4 days worth of work to get Camp III and Camp IV, 7900m, ready.

As of the 6th, the German Bad Heilbrunner team has been down in Base Camp waiting for their weather window. They are being filmed by Bavarian Television and have been looking for the best action shots over the biggest crevasses.


Carlos Pauner and the Kangchenjunga team leave in 8 hours from 7700m for the summit!


Dutch, Slovenian, and part of the American team leave Manaslu. Climbers on the Polish team have left for Camp II to asses the situation and decide on a possible summit attempt.


The Swedish Dhaulagiri team called in - they have reached Camp I, 5750m. Today they planned on going up to Camp II, 6700m, and acclimatizing for two days before heading upwards. There is 1.5 m of fresh snow and the team has to take turns breaking trail up the mountain; very fatiguing.


Chinese Sohu team (in Chinese)
Pat Falvey’s Irish Everest
Cathy and Ian’s Everest East Face
Northern Irish
Adventure Consultants
Alpine Ascents
Adventure Institute
Jagged Globe
Belgian Everest
South African Discovery
Carlos Pauner Kangchenjunga (Spanish)
Bob Hoffman American commemorative expedition
German Bad Heilbrunner expedition
Polish Manaslu (in Polish)
Swedish Dhaulagiri (in Swedish)

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