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Everest daily wrap-up May 8, 2003
12:16 p.m. EDT May 8, 2003
Summit Ho! Today and tomorrow there are teams on the South and North side leaving for their summit bids. Some teams on the South are finishing up their acclimatization up on the high camps, and others are down valley regaining their energy in the thicker air.

Teams on the North Side are starting to venture back up to ABC and the North Col to assess the storm damage.


Summit winds west 20-25 m/s dropping to 5-10 m/s during a short period on Friday but from Saturday increasing again to 20 m/s. Monday-Tuesday at times about 25 m/s. At lower levels(5-6000 m) mostly weak winds, 5-10 m/s, but during Sunday-Tuesday at times 10-15 m/s due to passing troughs.

An upper trough is passing during Friday and the start of Saturday with moist weather and some precipitation mainly as snow showers. There will be a short period with drier weather due to a small ridge rest of Saturday and beginning of Sunday. New troughs will pass in beginning of next week with rather moist weather and showers.

Everest North

The Japanese Club Yeti team is holding tight in base camp biding their time for a summit attempt. They reckon it will take six days, from base camp to summit on the North Side.

The Italian Zone team will head up tomorrow to ABC from BC to assess their damages.

The Russian Alpindustria team has left base camp today for their summit bid! They just arrived back in base camp after spending some time in a nearby village regaining their energy.

The Himex team planned on heading out from Base Camp today to assess their damages and make repairs.

Global Extremes heads up to assess and repair. Their down suits in Camp I, 7000m, were saved and once they have made the necessary repairs to all the camps it'll be time to plan a summit strategy.

Everest South

Jagged Globe is going for it! A small "advance" crew left early this morning, and the rest of the team will leave tonight for their summit attempt!

The South African's have heard their Camp III is OK and they expect to start their summit bid tomorrow. Their Sherpas have ascended and erected all their tents, securing them into mountain with ice screws. The plan is to make the summit on the 13th or 14th.

Scott Woolum's Adventures International team is down in Dingboche gaining energy in the thick air. They have seen lots of other teams down low right now as well. Scott's been spending his time down low cutting some video as well and just sent through some more hi-resolution video.

The Italian Speed ascent expedition celebrated its star, Fabio Meraldi's birthday today. They are going to head back up the mountain soon for a stay at Camp III, 7300m.

The French 50 team planned on leaving today for the summit.They will be going in two groups and hope to hit the top on May 12th and then May 14th. The Indian Army, Koreans, and Jagged Globe team are all gunning for the 12th as well.

Adventure Consultants are in Camp II, 6800m, on an acclimatization trip.

The Alpine Ascents team planned on leaving today for a push up to Camp III, 7300m, for an acclimatization trip. High winds thwarted their attempt to climb up yesterday.

Charlie Wittmack and other members in his loosely-knit crew of free climbers decided to hold yesterday in base camp. The team is opting to climb Everest by themselves, without a commercial guide, but all are using Asian Trekking for logistics.

The Belgian team is going to wait it out until late May. They might be trying for a summit on the 29th of May, the same day Hillary and Norgay made it 50 years ago.


Carlos Pauner and the Kangchenjunga team leave today for their summit push!


Jean Christophe left yesterday for Camp I and found his tent buried under 1.7m of snow. Today he will head up to Camp II, 6800m, and then hopefully onto Camp III.


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