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Everest daily wrap-up May 7, 2003
10:14 a.m. EDT May 7, 2003
The winds have subsided and climbers are starting to head back onto the mountain. The next step is for them to assess the damages - the status of gear at the high camps is really not known at this point and many teams are anxious to get up there and find out what happened.

Rumors are circulating that the Camp IV, 7900m, on the South side was completely decimated, every tent was leveled - this report came from the North side of the mountain no less. There is also word on the mountain that the high camps on the North side, 7800m and 8200m, were completely blown apart too. The Global Extreme's team has heard their camp at the North Col, 7000m, were the only ones to survive the storm. Expeditions won't really know until they head up there themselves. The level of damage varies greatly from team to team - some were barley affected while others' camps along with their equipment were completely destroyed.

There was some excitement on the South Side today as a climber attempted to climb over the Lho La pass. This steep and avalanche prone face is the divider between the North and South Sides of Everest - Nepal/Tibet. The Russian climber must have gotten word of his countrymen on the North Side enjoying fresh sheep. He was watched by 100's of onlookers in base camp including the law - liaison officers were there to greet him when he came back down to base camp.


Summit winds: West 20-25 m/s dropping to 10-15 m/s late Friday and on Saturday. Then increasing again to about 20 m/s. Perhaps 30-35 m/s at the very end of the period. Winds at 5-6000m around 5-10 m/s WSW Wednesday - Saturday then shifting to NW and increasing up to 10-15 m/s from Monday. A low over southern Tibet gives rather moist conditions and some snow showers at times over ME during Thursday and Friday. From Saturday drier conditions due to an upper ridge.

Everest North

The Northern Irish plans on leaving tomorrowto head back up the mountain to Camp II, 7900m. They've heard everything above Camp II was destroyed by the winds, but the team is hoping their buried cache with oxygen and supplies is intact.

Yesterday gusty winds kept knocking down the Russian St. Petersburg's tents in base camp requiring them to constantly maintain and rebuild. The team hopes to head up today to ABC and assess their damages.

The Himex team had some computer issues early on, however, they have resolved them and recently started dispatching. Before the severe weather hit, the team had been up to Camp II, 7900m, and their Sherpas had reached 8200m.

The Russian Alpindustria team is licking their lips after the the fresh sheep they ate a few days ago. They are still below base camp in a village at 4000m, and will be returning back to the mountain shortly.

Yesterday morning the Official Global Extremes expedition website reported that one of their climbers has dropped out, however, in the afternoon all mention of this was removed from the site.

Everest South

Gary Guller has headed up to Camp II, 6800m. He writes he has never before seen so many broken tents. Fortunately his team brought up extra tent poles and tent mending material so they'll be able to fix the tents. Gary's other two teammates will be making their way up to Camp II shortly.

The French 50 team lucked out and hear their tents at Camp III, 7300m, survived. They were setup a little below the others and reports have it that they were not destroyed.

The Irish Everest team will head down valley to Deboche tomorrow to rest in the thicker air. They expect to be back in base cam in 5 days time and ready for a summit push. The team has been really saddend with George’s sudden departure, but is glad that he is doing much better in Kathmandu and recovering from his bout with HACE.

The South African team is concerned about their tents at Camp III. They've heard the worst damage up there was sustained by them and the Indian Army team. The crew is especially worried about the status of their down suits and other crucial equipment that was up there.

Reports are in that the Chinese team has now bumped back their summit push by one week from their initial date of May 12th. Their camps were heavily hit by the high winds, especially down in base camp where they were planted in a very exposed area.

The Adventure Consultants team is back on the mountain after some rest down below. They reached Camp II and will be going for Camp III, 7300m, tomorrow. The team reports of consistent winds throughout the day.


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