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Everest daily wrap-up May 6, 2003
11:09 a.m. EDT May 6, 2003
Reports continue to filter in from various teams about their losses. Some managed to keep most of their tents, but others sustained major losses – not only their tents, but also lots of their personal belongings and equipment. This storm that brought high winds to all levels on the mountain has delayed, if not destroyed some team’s hopes for a summit.

On the South side, the Indian Army expedition and the Jagged Globe team have planned on a summit bid for around the 10th or 11th of May.


At Summit level - West 40-50 m/s slowly decreasing to 15-20 m/s on Thursday. Friday-Saturday probably only 5-10 m/s. Winds at 5-6000m around 5m/s, increasing to 5-10 from Sunday. A trough with moist weather, showers, and widespread precipitation, is passing over Mount Everest Wednesday-Friday. At the weekend an upper ridge probably will cause drier winds from North-Northwest over Everest, temporarily.

Everest North

The Russian Adventure team has resolved their Sherpa problems and will be paying them some extra tips. They have since gone down to 4000m to a nearby village and purchased themselves a sheep, which they butchered themselves and ate that night.

Jess Roskelley from the Generations on Everest team is feeling better and his tooth infection is healing. The team lost several tents in Base Camp as well as Advanced Base Camp.

The Japanese Club Yeti team lost tents. One of their climbers who descended previously has made it to Kathmandu and is recovering from AMS.

The UK Royal Marines have gotten their computer back up and running. They still have one more trip up to 7800m for acclimatization before they are ready for the summit. Reports from another expedition say the Marine’s tents fared well in base camp.

One contestant from the Global Extremes expedition has decided to drop his summit bid. After spending a night at Camp II, 7600m, he felt he just didn’t have the power to do it.

The Italians are back down in base camp and are enjoying fine Italian cuisine, Tortellini with a four-cheese sauce and potatoes. Up at ABC, the Italians sustained minor damages.

Everest South

Scott Woolums and his Adventures International team have descended down the valley to Dingboche to recover from their recent trip up to Camp III, 7300m. They spent a harrowing night up there in the middle of a storm and sent back spectacular video footage.

Gary Guller’s Team Everest 03 is down in base camp and resting. To pass the time they try inventing new and different combinations of foods.

The French 50 has started to contemplate their summit bid. They lost 1 tent in Camp I, 6100m, but luckily their Sherpas saved their Camp II, 6800m, tents.

The German Bad Heilbrunner expedition lost a tent in Camp I. They are especially angry because a climber from another team used the tent but did not close the doors – as a result the tent was shredded.

Alan Arnette and the Adventure Consultants team are in base camp and resting. They plan on heading up tomorrow for more acclimatization and a stay at Camp III, 7300m.

The Canadian firefighter expedition still needs one more round of acclimatization before they are ready for a summit bid. One the climbers have descended down the valley with an ear problem. He planned on being back in base camp already by now.

Bob Hoffman’s expedition is back down after two nights in Camp II, 6800m. They took down and saved their Camp II dining tent, but on the way down they found 2 of their 3 tents in Camp I, 6400m, leveled.

Charlie Wittmack is in base camp and recovering from his snow blindness. He doesn’t know about the status of his gear high up and is awaiting word so he can formulate his plan of action. Charlie along with his buddy decided to rest in base camp and not descend to a lower altitude.

The Jagged Globe team is in Lobuche and planning their summit bid strategy.


The Swedish Dhaulagiri team lost several tents in base camp to the storm. Their Sherpas ended up bundling up with the team crammed in their tent. Up higher they do not know the status of their camps yet.

The Chilean team sustained major equipment losses because of the storm and most of the climbers have abandoned the climb altogether.


Three climbers summited Baruntse, 7129m, on April 27, from the Southeast ridge. A Slovenian, Croatian, and Sherpa.


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