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Everest daily wrap-up May 5, 2003
13:10 p.m. EDT May 5, 2003
The ExplorersWeb weather forecasts were correct and high winds have ravaged Everest this past weekend. First reports from the North Side don’t peg a number, but climbers descending from the North Col, 7000m, say that many teams lost tents up there. The North Side base camp saw several tents tumbling down the Rongbuk glacier, with their former inhabitants in hot pursuit.

On the South Side over 35 tents have been destroyed on the mountain’s camps. No weather related injuries have been reported yet.


Winds will decrease Tuesday - Wednesday followed by a weak through with moist weather and snow showers Wednesday-Friday. At the end of period an upper ridge over Afghanistan will probably temporarily cause dryer winds from north-northwest over Everest.

Everest North

The Russian St. Petersburg team is down in base camp and will send some climbers up to ABC to inspect the damage. They have been told their ABC tents did survive thus far.

The Russian Adventure team is still having lots of Sherpa problems – they wanted higher bonuses. The Sherpas went on strike and the team has lost a couple of days.

The Italian Zone team is in Base Camp and enjoying life’s simple pleasures – a plate of Gnocchi with sauce. (Italian potato pasta)

Everest South

Sean Burch’s last report previous to this weekend’s storm had him lower down in the valley, recovering.

The Irish Everest team had to evacuate one of their climbers after he came down with HACE high on the mountain. He managed to descend under his own power, but with the help of his fellow teammates. The base camp clinic treated him and the climber was evacuated by helicopter this morning. Safe and sound in a Kathmandu hospital the climber is doing much better.

The Tarragonan team has been holed up in their base camp tent – they say they have been very bored.

Tents in Camp II and Camp III belonging to the South African team have been collapsed, but not blown away. The team was able to get their Sherpas to make repairs to them and is very grateful.


Lorenzo has returned to base camp after climbing up to Camp III. Along the route he encountered waist deep snow and the hardest 11-hour climb of his life. Now down in base camp he is taking a break and cleaning himself up.


The Amical Kangchenjunga team set Camp II, 6500m, and made it back down to base camp just before the storm hit.


Piotr’s Manaslu team attempted a climb to Camp IV, on Saturday, but poor weather forced them back down. They report two tents destroyed in base camp, one in camp I, and they have yet to find out how their tents up high have fared.

Island Peak

The Adventure Consultants team “Dal Bhat” summited Island Peak, 6160m on May 2nd at 0810hrs.


Jean Christophe Lafaille weathered the high winds in Dhaulagiri base camp. He reports that only the small “modern” tents survived the storm and the others collapsed.


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