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Everest daily wrap-up May 4, 2003
12:04 p.m. EDT May 4, 2003
The ExplorersWeb weather forecasts were unfortunately correct and high winds have ravaged Everest this weekend. Tents have been reported destroyed in Camps III, II, and I on the South Side. Climbers on the North Side have evacuated from ABC and most are lower down in BC right now getting their tents rattled too. Some Sherpas on the South side did manage to reach the South Col, 7900m, despite the high winds yesterday.


A strong westerly Jet is situated over the Himalayas with core from Pakistan via Nepal to summit of Mount Everest further on to Bhutan. The jet slowly moves south and will leave Everest during late Wednesday or beginning of Thursday. Summit wind: West 40-50 m/s from Wednesday slowly decreasing to 15-20 m/s on Thursday. During Friday probably only 5-10 m/s.

Everest East

Cathy and Ian have been waiting out this past week’s bad weather in base camp. Ian has been battling a bad chest infection and is taking a round of medication. So far they have not started on their route up the yet unclimbed Everest North East Face.

Everest North

The Russian St. Petersburg team reports that tents in base camp on the North side are struggling to stay up and that all sites above ABC have been evacuated. The team also reports that the large Chinese expedition have marked May 12th for their summit attempt and told others not to try and summit that day.

Generations on Everest have been very spread out these past two weeks. Jess, the young American climber on the team had to travel back down to Kathmandu because of a bad infection that spread from having his wisdom teeth removed. He is back on the mountain and has made a trip up to the North Col, 7000m.

Everest South

Adventures International braved a windy night at Camp III, 7200m, and has descended to Camp II, 6800m, today. Tomorrow they will head all the way down to BC.

Adventure Consultants is back in base camp after an acclimatization trip up to Camp II, 6800m, and above. Today they sent back live pictures and video of the high winds in Everest's base camp. Only 9 out of the 70 Sherpas who tried to make the South Col, 7900m, did. Adventure Consultant's sherpas were 4 of those 9.

The Irish Everest team made a push to Camp III on May 1st and some experienced altitude problems. Upon leaving Camp II, 6800m, yesterday morning, George did not feel very well. He made it to the Base Camp clinic where he was treated for AMS and they planned on evacuating him this morning. The team will issue a further statement later.


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