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Everest daily wrap-up May 2, 2003
10:10 a.m. EDT May 2, 2003
Very high winds are expected on Everest this weekend. On the South side some teams are down valley, others are in base camp resting, and some climbers are in Camp II, 6400m.

Everest weather

Summit winds: About West 35-45 m/s, during Sunday a risk of 50 m/s. Then decreasing to 20-25 m/s, dropping to 15 m/s at the very end of the period. Strong winds are expected at the base camp level too: Saturday-Monday, 15-20 m/s.

Everest North

The Russian Adventure team has fired 3 Sherpas for not working hard enough, "During the whole month sherpas worked only five days at 7000m." The team will have to fix camp II, 7900m, themselves. It is uncertain whether their trekking agency will either refund the team’s money or give them new Sherpas.

The Chinese Sohu team will head up to ABC today from base camp. They want to advance further, however, they will make decisions based upon the weather.

The Russian St. Petersburg expedition has set Camp II, 7900, but want to establish Camp III, 8300m, before making their final summit bid. They are presently in base camp.

Everest South

Adventures International's Lhotse and Everest team are in Camp II, 6400m, today. The Lhotse crew descended from Camp III, 6800m, and the Everest team will make a decision tomorrow if they should advance to Camp III.

Bob Hoffman's crew have spent 2 nights in Camp I, 6400m, and 5 nights in Camp II so far this expedition

Most of the Belgians are in base camp, however, two climbers are on their way up and want to make Camp III for some acclimatization.

The Discovery expedition has gone down valley to recover from their acclimatization. They are starting to plan for their summit; trying to figure out which other teams will be ready and how crowded the route will be at different times.


Jean Christophe Lafaille is figuring out what to do amidst concerns for the weather.


Hans Kammerlander has decided for ethical reasons to climb a different route than the one Babanov has been working on. Both climbers are going for the yet unclimbed Nuptse South East pillar.


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