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Everest daily wrap-up May 19, 2003
10:54 a.m. EDT May 19, 2003
Sherpas today set out from Camp IV, the South Col, 7900m, to fix ropes towards the summit - high winds turned them back though. There are at least two teams in Camp IV right now. Team Miura will be going for Camp V, 8540m, tomorrow before climbing to the summit the following day. If the Jagged Globe team holds to plan, they should be leaving within hours for their summit push. For this to happen, the team of sherpas who were turned around today will need to leave earlier in order to have the ropes fixed for a summit on the morning of May 20th, Nepali time (Late Evening today, May 19th, Eastern Standard time, US)


Summit wind speeds: West-southwest 20-25 m/s. From Friday dropping to about 20 m/s, perhaps 15 m/s. At lower levels (5-6000 m) mainly 5-10 m/s. A low over Tibet is moving eastwards giving rather moist conditions, also over ME, with snow showers. At first very frequent but from late Wednesday or Thursday more isolated. Saturday a new low may form over Tibet. The monsoon is still situated over the southeastern part of the Bayof Bengal way off the coast of India.

Everest South Side

Summit, 8848m

There are no South Side summits as of yet

Camp IV, 7900m

Team Miura is holding tight in Camp IV – it was too windy today to ascend to their Camp V, 8450m. They report the sherpas left in the morning to fix ropes above the Col, but turned around due to high winds.

Jagged Globe left Camp III, 7400m for Camp IV.

Lhotse Camp IV, 7800m

John Rust and Lorenzo Gariano of the Adventures International team are toughing it out one extra day. Strong winds delayed their planned Lhotse attempt this morning for 24 hours.

Camp III, 7400m

Scott Woolums and the Adventures International team arrived in Camp III today and he reports the team is doing great. It is windy, but the weather is getting better. They are going to leave early tomorrow morning for Camp IV where they’ll rest until 2200 hrs that evening and then go for their summit push, “Yahoo, were on our way!”

Team Everest 03 - One-armed climber Gary Guller, Gary Scott, and their Sherpa left Camp II for Camp III today.

Charlie Wittmack arrived in Camp III yesterday and planned to take a rest day today.

The French 50 team is split into two summit groups. Group A is expected to arrive Camp III today, “They are all well and the attention is now completely turned towards the top.”

The Tarragonans were in Camp II yesterday and planned to ascendup to Camp III today.

Setback for the Irish Pat Falvey’s crew has made Camp III, unfortunately Clare turned around on the way up. She had developed a stomach bug in the past couple of days and was not feeling well. “Nothing was said we just hugged each other in the center of the glacier we both cried openly as other climbers passed…The whole team broke down emotionally when the news broke at camp 3 we had all been so united and strong.”

The South African team was in Camp II yesterday and is expected to ascend today to Camp III.

Camp II, 6540m

The French 50 team’s Group B left base camp for Camp II today. Jean Michel is expected to go with them today if his stomach virus clears up.

The Belgium team has split into two summit groups too. Summit Team 2 left for Camp II today. Summit Team 1, who was in Camp II yesterday did not advance yesterday to Camp III because of weather – they might have made the push today.

Base Camp

Alpine Ascents has returned from recovering down valley and will wait out this wave of summit attempts with the hopes of getting a less-crowded summit day.

Everest North Side

Summit, 8848m

No North Side summits as of yet.

Camp III, 8300m

Some team’s sherpas have been up to Camp III to carry loads and set camp.

Camp II, 7790

Two climbers from the Northern Irish expedition have arrived in Camp II They described it as, “The toughest climb of my life.” Tomorrow they will go for Camp III and then the summit the following day.

The large Chinese team has split into two groups for the summit. Summit Group A has arrived in Camp II.

Camp I, The North Col, 7000m

The Chinese Summit Group B have arrived at the North Col

The UK Royal Navy/Marines have also split into to summit parties Summit Team 1 arrived at Camp I. They had hoped to make it there yesterday, but their ascent was delayed due to high winds.

Some climbers from the Russian Adventure team planned to ascend to the North Col today.

Advanced Base Camp, 6500m

The rest of the Russian Adventure team is in ABC today and will head up tomorrow and the next day to the North Col.

The UK Royal Navy/Marines Summit Team 2 is in ABC ready to move up to Camp I, the North Col, tomorrow.


Carlos Pauner and his crew are up in Camp III, 7600m, for the second day today. High winds prevented them from leaving for the summit this morning – they will try again early tomorrow morning, the 20th.

Ralf Dujmovits and his team are down in base camp waiting for some good weather.


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