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Everest daily wrap-up May 18, 2003
14:31 p.m. EDT May 18, 2003
Summit attempts are in full swing. Many teams on the North Side are currently in ABC, 6500m, poised to move up. The Chinese pushed to Camp I, the North Col, 7000m, today. On the South Side, many teams are in Camp II, 6500m, and are making the move to Camp III, 7300m, today or tomorrow. Team Miura has arrived in Camp IV, 7984m, and are getting ready to climb to their last camp at 8540m, on the Balcony.

Sherpas on the South were supposed to fix ropes above the Col, Camp IV, but have postponed until tomorrow because of winds.

The Adventures International Lhotse team of five climbers will be leaving in just 4 hours for their Lhotse push.

Polish climbers Piotr Pustelnik and Krzysztof Tarasewicz reached the summit of Manaslu (8156m) yesterday at 1400 hrs local time.


Summit winds: West-southwest 20-25 m/s, at times 30 m/s. From Tuesday dropping to about 20 m/s, perhaps 15 m/s. At lower levels (5-6000 m) mainly 5-10 m/s. A low over Tibet gives rather moist conditons, also over Everest with some snow showers at times. Later on the low will weaken, but there is still risk of a few snow showers. The monsoon has set in over the southeastern Bay of Bengal.

Everest North

The Chinese made a push to Camp I, the North Col, 7000m, today on their summit push.

Himex is being mum about their intended summit push, but it is expected in the next several days. Their team along with IMG, a Swiss team, and the Chinese will be fixing the ropes above 8300m.

Both UK Navy/Marines summit teams are in ABC, 6500m. Summit Team I was supposed to head up to the North Col, Camp I, 7000m, but high winds kept them at bay.

The Toyota Global Extremes’ team plans to head up to Camp I, the North Col tomorrow on their summit push.

Generations on Everest are aiming for a summit between the 21st and 22nd.

The Japanese Club Yeti expedition is going for a summit push on the 20th or the 21st as a backup.

Everest South

The South Africans are in Camp II, 6540m, on their summit push. They have a 1:1 climber/sherpa ratio and each duo has a radio – all for saftey’s sake.

Gary Guller’s Team Everest 03 is in Camp II, and will climb up to Camp III, 7300m, tomorrow.

Adventures International are in Camp II, and will be leaving 0500 hrs local on the 19th time for Camp III.

Team Miura is in the “Death Zone,” up at Camp IV, 7984m. If Yuichiro Miura makes the summit, he will be the oldest ever! Tomorrow the team plans to head up to their final camp at, 8450m. Then on May 20th, they’ll make their move for the summit.

The French 50’s two teams are on the mountain. If the weather holds, Summit Team A is aiming for the top on the 20th, or the 21st as a back up. Summit Team B is aiming for the 22nd.

The German Bad Heilbrunner’s two summit groups are now combined into one. They are going for Camp III today, which will be a bit cramped because they are all together, but warmer at the same time.

The Adventure Consultants team took a rest day in Camp II, and will be heading up to Camp III, tomorrow. They are still shooting for a summit on the 21st.

The Canadian Fire Fighters left base camp yesterday for Camp II. They did not plan to take a rest day today and instead will head to Camp III.

Bob Hoffman’s American Commemorative team should have left base camp already for Camp II. They plan to summit on the 21st or 22nd.

The last report from Alpine Ascents had them down valley recovering. They should be returning to base camp any day now. It looks like they are going for a later summit push.

Pat Falvey’s Irish team is in Camp II. Team member Clare had some stomach cramping yesterday, but is feeling better today. She will give Camp III a go tomorrow, but is prepared to turn around if she is not feeling well.

The Belgium team has two groups of five climbers going for the summit.The first group climbed up to Camp II yesterday – they are aiming to summit on the 20th. The second group has made their way up to Camp II today and will be trying for the top on the 22nd.


Adventures International's five Lhotse climbers are in Lhotse Camp IV. They will be leaving for their summit push in 3 hours!


Carlos Pauner and his crew are hoping to summit as early as tomorrow, the 19th. However, their last report in was on the 16th.


Polish climbers Piotr Pustelnik and Krzysztof Tarasewicz reached the summit of Manaslu (8156m) yesterday at 1400 hrs local time.


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Image of Advanced Base Camp, 6500m, from today courtesy of the UK Royal Navy/Marines

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