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Everest daily wrap-up May 16, 2003
11:34 a.m. EDT May 16, 2003
Teams on the North and South side have started their summit attempts. Many have left today and more will be leaving this weekend in what could be a record-breaking year. The most popular dates amongst the teams are the 20th, 21st, and 22nd. The crucial element at this point is the weather - will the winds die down enough?

The Polish Manaslu expedition was on their summit bid, but bad weather forced them to turn around at 7200m.


Summit winds: West-southwest 25-30 m/s. From Saturday southwest, decreasing a little to 20-25 m/s. At the lower levels (5-6000 m) 10-15 m/s in the beginning, then decreasing wind. On Friday probably some precipitation, but already from Saturday dry air and only local snow showers. In the beginning of next week again rather moist condition with snow showers or some precipitation.

Everest North

The Russian Adventure team had two climbers start their summit push today. The rest of the team will head up tomorrow. Expected summit - 20th or 21st.

The Russian St. Petersburg team will be leaving for the summit this weekend in three waves, Sat, Sun, and Monday.

The UK Navy/Marines team left BC today and started their summit push.

Italian Zone expedition is in ABC, 6500m right now. No summit date yet.

Russell Brice’s Himex planned on being in ABC by now and were going to then judge their summit push.

The camera crew for the Toyota Global Extreme’s team went ahead to the North Col to set some equipment up. The contestants were still in ABC yesterday.

Everest South

South Africans plan to start up tomorrow. They estimate about 300 climbers will be going for the summit in the next couple of days. Expected summit – 21st.

Gary Guller’s Team Everest 03 will head up to Camp II, 6450m, tomorrow.Their plan is to summit on the 20th or 21st.

Adventures International is going to make a break for Camp II tomorrow. Planned summit date – 21st.

Team Miura has been in Camp II for several days and now plans to head up to Camp III, 7300m tomorrow. Expected summit day – 20th

Two climbers from the French 50 expedition left today for Camp II. The rest of the team will leave tomorrow. In two groups, the team plans to summit on the 20th and 22nd.

The German Bad Heilbrunner team had 5 climbers leave for Camp II, today. Two more will leave tomorrow. Expected summit – 20th or 21st.

Pat Falvey’s Irish team is in Camp II. They left this morning at 2 am and hopefully made one last trip through the icefall.

Alpine Ascents has been down valley this past week recovering. They should be back in base camp shortly.

One wave of climbers from Jagged Globe has moved up to Camp II today and another wave will leave tomorrow. Expected summit date – 20th or 21st. They report half the Indian Army team will be going for the 21st.


Adventures International's two Lhotse climbers are in Camp II and will be heading up to Camp III, 7300m tomorrow. They are hoping to hit the summit on the 19th. The two climbers are supported by three sherpas.

Nuptse East

Kammerlander’s team is going to make a summit attempt this weekend. The Babanov/Suviga team also plans to make a push this weekend. Who will be the first summit the virgin peak?


The Polish mBank Manaslu team turned around at 7200m on their summit push. The winds were too high.

Slovenians have left Manaslu and will be back to civilization in 2 days. Their flight back home leaves from Kathmandu on the 24th.


Russian Adventure Team
Russian St. Petersburg team
Toyota Global Extremes
Italian Zone expedition
UK Royal Navy Marines expedition
South African Discovery
Adventures International
Gary Guller Everest 03
Pat Falvey’s Irish Everest
French 50 (translated)
German Bad Heilbrunner
Jagged Globe
Team Miura (in Japanese)
Polish Manaslu (in Polish)
Slovenian Manaslu (in Slovenian)
Alpine Ascents Everest
Hans Kammerlander Nuptse East (in German)

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Image courtesy of the UK Royal Navy/Marines

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