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Everest daily wrap-up May 14, 2003
09:50 a.m. EDT May 14, 2003
Expedition leader meeting – Round II. Sirdars from six teams met today on the South Side to organize rope fixing above the South Col, 7900m. On the North Side there was a meeting as well to organize summit bids and logistics. The North Side Chinese are currently at 7000m on their summit push. Tomorrow they are attempting to push all the way to 7790m or even 8300m, putting them just a day or two away from the summit. On the South Side, Lhotse climbers headed up today and several teams are currently aiming for a summit push on the 19th-21st. There are two teams on the mountain currently on their summit bid.


Summit wind speeds: West-southwest 30-40 m/s. From Friday southwest, slowly decreasing by Monday to 25-30 m/s. At lower levels (5-6000 m) mostly weak winds, 5-10 m/s, but at times 10-13 m/s due to passing troughs. Snow showers at the start, but a low is forming just north of ME with enhanced precipitation, moving eastwards. From the weekend heavy precipitation south and southeast of ME due to a deep low over India. This low moves northwards in the beginning of next week, with heavy rain just east of

Special weather report today on AdventureWeather about the Monsoon, weather windows, and historic summit dates.

Everest North

The Chinese made the North Col, 7000m today and will attempt to push up to 7790m or 8300m tomorrow – putting them in a position for a summit bid in just a day or two.

The Russian Adventure is in for the long run. They were scheduled to leave Everest on the 26th, but will extend their stay if that’s what it takes for a summit attempt.

The Northern Irish team lost a lot of their O2’s in last week’s storm, but already have 18 bottles on their way up to be cached in a high camp.

Italian Everest Zone sherpas have reached Camp II, 7900m and made a carry. The team spent last night at 7000m and tried to make a push higher today, only one team member made it to 7500m.

Eureka – it works! The UK Royal Marines/Navy team’s new oxygen system was successfully used at high altitude by their sherpas. The team is down in base camp and ready to push for the summit.

Everest South

The South Africans have stopped giving out summit dates. They are on standby in base camp and playing some cricket to pass the time.

Adventures International getting ready to head up. Expedition leader Scott Woolums is hopeful that the Sirdar’s meeting will help get the ropes fixed above the South Col – the last attempt to organize this didn’t yield results.

Heroes in motion mobilizing tomorrow. The Canadian firefighters are going to make a break for it tomorrow.

The French 50 team is aiming for a 19/20th summit date and will be leaving soon.

Gary Guller’s Team Everest 03 going for a summit try on the 20/21st

Pat Falvey’s Irish team fun-loving team is back in base camp. Another team wrote in their latest that their presence has boosted morale all around.

Alpine Ascents have yet to join in on the waiting game. While other teams are fretting right now, they are headed down valley to get some R&R at the lower levels.


Adventures International two Lhotse climbers have left the buildling.They are on their way up through the icefall on a summit bid. The recent Lhotse summits are encouraging.

Nuptse East

Babanov and Sugiva came down without a summit. Now it’s Kammerlander’s turn for a shot at being the first to scale the yet unclimbed Nuptse East – possibly the world’s highest unclimbed peak.


The Polish mBank Manaslu planned on going for Camp III today and then making a summit push as soon as tomorrow.


The Swedes have made a push to Camp II, 6700m. Right now they are back in base camp.

BC Courier

The ExplorersWeb Fed-Expedition courier is back home safe and sound – mission accomplished!


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