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Everest daily wrap-up May 12, 2003
12:13 p.m. EDT May 12, 2003
Two teams left the South Side base camp yesterday and are on their way up for a summit attempt. At the same time, almost all the teams who had went up previously on the South Side came back down because of weather concerns. On the North Side, the Chinese Sohu team is at the start of their summit push, in ABC, 6500m.

Today the Ministry confirmed yesterday’s report of a Lhotse summit.


Summit wind speeds: On Tuesday west around 35 m/s. From Wednesday southwesterly winds 35-45m/s. Saturday winds dropping to around 30 m/s. At lower levels (5-6000 m) mostly weak winds, 5-10 m/s, but at times 10-15 m/s due to passing troughs. Tuesday drier conditions with only some local snow showers. A trough will pass during Wednesday-Thursday with rather moist weather and snow showers. Friday-Saturday will have mainly dry conditions.

Everest North

The Chinese have reached ABC, 6500m and will head up to the North Col, 7000m, next. They are on a summit push that will take approximately 5 to 6 days.

The Russian Adventure team is on the mountain and trying to make repairs to their camps. They are hoping to install Camp II, 7900m, as previous Sherpa problems prevented this from happening. Just yesterday climbers on the team spent time retrieving their equipment up at the North Col, 7000m. This included having to abseil down into a crevasse to get back a sleeping back.

The Outdoor life Network will be airing live from the North Side of Everest tonight. This will be a warm up to their 9 hour long coverage of the Global Extremes summit push later on. The show will go on 10 PM EST on the OLN channel in the US.

The Italian Zone expedition is in ABC. They will be heading up to the North Col, 7000m, today, and then up to 7800m for acclimatization.

Kari Kobler’s team is down in BC and are now waiting for a weather window. The team is aiming to summit around the 20th to the 25th of May.

Everest South

Adventures International is in base camp and waiting for their weather window. The team’s Sherpas have fully prepared Camp IV, 7900m.

Team Miura is on the move. The small team of three are in Camp II on their summit bid. Just today they sent through fresh video of their recent trip through the icefall. If he makes it, Yuichiro Miura will be the oldest person to ascend Everest at the age of 70.

The German Bad Heilbrunner team left base camp yesterday for their summit attempt.

Bob Hoffman’s American commemorative team is in base camp and biding their time. They are aiming to make the summit somewhere between the 16th and the 20th.

The Alpine Ascents team is heading down today after spending a night at Camp III, 7300m, for some acclimatization.

Pat Falvey’s Irish team are on their way back to base camp from the Khumbu valley. They plan on leaving tomorrow for their summit push.

The Discovery South African team is down in base camp except for Deyshun Deysel, who is attempting to become the first black woman to summit Everest. She climbed up to Camp III for acclimatization and is now back down in Camp II, 6500m.


The ministry has confirmed that 5 Japanese and 3 Sherpas summited Lhotse on Saturday.

Nuptse East

Kammerlander’s team is down in base camp after reaching 6300m on their new route up Nuptse East.


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Image of Team Miura advancing through icefall yesterday courtesy of our friends at Miura Dolphins Co., Ltd.

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