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Everest daily wrap-up May 11, 2003
14:17 p.m. EDT May 11, 2003
Several teams on Everest’s South Side have aborted their summit attempts this past weekend due to fears over the weather. Other expeditions are finishing off acclimatization at Camp II, 6800m, and Camp III, 7300m, while some are back in base camp after spending time at the lower elevations of the Khumbu valley. It is almost two weeks into May, and teams are beginning to get antsy playing the waiting game.

A report has come in that a Japanese team has summited Lhotse, 8501m yesterday, the 10th.


Summit winds speeds about west 25-35 m/s. From Wednesday southwesterly winds 30-45 m/s. At first drier conditions with only some local snow showers. A trough will pass during Wednesday-Thursday with rather moist weather and snow showers. At the end of the week heavy precipitation south and southeast of Everest.

Everest North

The Chinese have reached 6000m and will head to Advanced Base Camp, 6500m, tomorrow. They are on a summit push that will take approximately 6 to 7 days.

Climbers in the Russian St. Petersburg team have reached Camp II, 7800m, and have reinstalled some of their tents. Before going for their summit bid, the team will head all the way down to base camp to recuperate.

Everest South

Adventures International are back in base camp and waiting for their weather window. The team spent the past 5 days down in the Khumbu valley resting and recovering in the lower altitudes. They also report that Lhotse has been summited by a Japanese team yesterday.

Sean Burch was in Camp II, 6800m, yesterday. Ttoday he had planned on climbing to Camp III, 7300m, and coming back down to Camp II. Tomorrow Sean plans on going down to base camp.

As of May 9th, Gary Guller and Team Everest 03 were in Camp II, on their summit bid. They had planned to summit on the 13th.

The Tarragonan team is in base camp and celebrated a team member’s birthday.

As of the 9th, German Bad Heilbrunner climbers are on the mountain and looking to go for the summit on Tuesday or Wednesday, 13/14th, of May. Their Sherpas have prepared Camp IV, 7900m, for them.

Jagged Globe has aborted their summit bidand arrived back down in base camp this morning. They did not like the weather conditions.

Today climbers on the Belgian team planned on a trip to Camp III, 7300m, and then back down to Camp II for some acclimatization. Tomorrow they will head back down to base camp where two other members of the expedition are recovering from infections.

The Discovery South African team has aborted their summit bid and descended down to base camp where they will wait for another summit window – possibly the 16th or the 17th. Team member Deyshun Deysel, who is attempting to become the first black woman to summit Everest, climbed up to Camp III for acclimatization.

Charlie Wittmack has decided to cancel his summit bid and head back down.


Carlos Pauner and the Kangchenjunga team aborted their summit attempt due to high winds.

Ralf Dujmovits and his Kangchenjunga crew have slept at Camp III, 7200m. They are back down in base camp and ready for a summit attempt.


Climbers on the Polish team left yesterday for a go at the summit.


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