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Everest daily wrap-up May 1, 2003
12:26 p.m. EDT May 1, 2003
Extremely high winds are expected for Everest this weekend and not just for the summit. Two separate forecasts using two different weather models have forecasted for winds in excess of 15 m/s this weekend in base camp. By definition 17 m/s is considered storm force. Winds at Camp II, 6400m, and at Camp III, 6800m are forecasted up to 45m/s. A Hurricane is defined as having winds above 32 m/s.

As of yesterday some North side teams were above the North Col, 7000m, and were planning to climb above it. On the South side, climbers are as high as Camp III, 6800m, as of today. Most, however, are in base camp or headed down valley to recover from previous acclimatization trips. ExplorersWeb sent a severe weather alert out last night to 30 different teams, warning of the predicted high winds for the weekend.

Outside of Everest, Babanov and Suviga are in Nuptse base camp. Aware of the predicted high winds, they are still analyzing the weather and planning their final summit bid.

Image courtesy of Babanov.com

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