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Everest daily wrap up: North Side Summit!
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May 18, 2004 18: 03 EST
Two important summits went down early this morning; The Greek team from the North and the Irish from the South. Both were historic firsts; first Greek from the North, first North of the season, first Irish woman to summit, first Irish climber to summit from both the North and South.

Other big news is of course the ongoing summit pushes. And the boys on Anna. Piotr and team are on their way up to the top. Simone and Denis have dropped their plans to make a new route.

Everest Weather

As suspected, the latest forecast for Tropical Cyclone 02B in the North/West Bay of Bengal is now taking it to the E/NE. This will put the storm onshore southeast of Bangladesh in a few days. The low is still forecasted to usher in the moisture to the Everest area with increased snow chances on Wednesday through the rest of the week. Winds will be at their windiest today and ease this afternoon to mainly below 10 m/s throughout the rest of the period.

Everest North:

Russian Central North Face expedition reached 8270m on Friday.

Italian Everest/K2 are now in Camp 2 (7600m). Be sure to check out the new images from 8600m. Check out the very cool map of the North side route.

Russian Adventure team. Vladamir is heading up today. He is climbing without O’s support. The rest of the team will follow over the next few days, aiming for the 24th to summit. Check out Dave's newest opus; Everest North Video 'Game On'.

Adventure Peaks: Tom and Ben Clowes report that the team is on the North Col.

Bulgarian: The team is dispersed between Camp 1 and Camp 3.

Dijmarescu and Lhakpa began their summit climb yesterday, they hope to reach the top on May 20th.

Dutch Paragliders: Holed up in Camp 3 (7800m). They report high winds.

Patrick Bernier: He is in BC right now and is holding out for better weather. He reports that half the team is making their summit push.

Greek North: Members of the team made the summit early this morning. The last of the team heads up to the summit today. See seperate story.

Norwegian ladies Randi’s last report from May 12th had her at the North Col. Cecilie’s report from May 15th had her in ABC. Randi and Cecilie stand to be the first Norwegian women on top of Everest.

Dan Lochner has begun his summit push. Dan is on his way to possibly become the youngest person to complete the seven summits, if he also bags Vinson (Antarctica) later this year.

Himalayan Experience Plan to wait out the weather in ABC.

'Dones al Everest 2004' The all-women expedition from Catalonia has two of her members in Camp 3. They plan to reach the summit tomorrow.

Everest South:

Irish Everest See seperate story.

Mex/Can: Tom Masterson and Andres Delgado (no O's) descend after reaching just shy of summit.

Khoo Swee (no O's) turned around before reaching the summit.

Alpine Ascents: Camp 1 today. Heading up to Camp 2 tomorrow.

Adventure Consultants Heading to Camp 1 tomorrow

Over Everest are stuck in the valley because of heavy fog.


North Face team Three members of the team were injured. See separate story.


Simone and Denis: They reached 6250m ad will return to BC in the next few days. They have decided to forego breaking a new route and will climb with Boris on the French route.

Piotr and the mBank expedition They have left BC to make one final attempt at the summit. No new news but keep an eye out.

Shisha Pangma:

Lithuanian Expedition summited Shisha on Sunday May 16th. The first Lithuanian expedition to the Himalayas was organised in the autumn of 1993 to Mt.Everest from the North side, nobody summited. The current expedition is organised by Saulius Vilius, who last year summited Everest with the Estonian expedition.


Kazakh: 7 May, 2004 Kazakhstan Makalu Expedition: Camp 3 was installed at 7400 m.

British Services: The team has been halted by bad weather. They have regrouped and are awaiting a break in the winds.

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Image of Italian climber around 8,600 m on Everest North courtesy of Montagna.org.
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