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Everest daily wrap-up April 30, 2003
10:14 a.m. EDT Apr 30, 2003
Very high winds are expected on Everest this weekend. On the South some teams are in base camp resting, while several have advanced to Camp II, 6400m, for acclimatization. Some climbers on the North side are planning on heading up to establish Camp at 7900m.

Everest weather

Summit winds: Between N and W 5-10 m/s. On Friday rapidly increasing northwest-westerly winds to 20-30 m/s. During Saturday and Sunday probably 35-45 m/s, perhaps 50 m/s. Very high winds are expected as low as Camp II, 6400m.

By definition a Storm is above 17 m/s, Hurricane is above 32 m/s.

Weather: Thursday a brief ridge with drier air and only a few snow showers. From Friday-Saturday more moist conditions at times and increasing risk for showers.

Everest North

The Russian Adventure team doesn't let the snow stop them. Today six of the team climbed from 7000m to 7500m, three of which will spend the night there. Tomorrow, others in ABC will head up the mountain with Sherpas and set up Camp III, 7900.

The UK Royal Marines/Navy are back down after a climb to Camp I, North Col, 7000m. They will take 4 days rest before heading up to 7800m.

Two climbers for the Everest Zone expedition have reached Camp I at the North Col so far.

73 year old Everest veteran and seven summiteer Dick Bass has decided not to go for the summit. He has been having some back problems and his body is not what it was when he summited at the age of 55 in 1985. Instead Dick is now shooting for the North Col, 7000m. He has been climbing on the Generations Everest expedition

Everest South

The Bad Heilbrunner expedition is resting in base camp waiting out the weather.

Adventures International left base camp early and has reached Camp II, 6400m. On their way up the icefall, a huge collapse started beneath them. Reports indicated that no one was injured. The team will take two rest days and then make a push for Camp III, 6800m, if the weather allows for it.


The Slovenians reported they had 30 cm of snowfall in base camp.


Jean Christophe Lafaille has made a carry to Camp II, 6800m, but then headed down to base camp because of inclement weather.


Valery and Vladimir have left base camp and planned this past weekend to get back on the mountain. They will resume work on their new route up Nuptse's unclimbed East Pillar

Hans Kammerlander and his film crew have arrived in Nuptse's base camp. He too is going for Nuptse's yet unclimbed East Pillar. It is not certain, however, if he is following Valery's route or will be climbing an adjacent one.


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