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Everest daily wrap-up April 29, 2003
13:33 p.m. EDT Apr 29, 2003
Everest daily wrap-up

On Everest’s East Face, Cathy and Ian continue to shuttle loads to the base of their planned new route up Everest. Climbers on the South side of Everest are in different stages of acclimatization. One team is heading into the icefall for the first time, others have returned from Camp III, 6800m, and some are on their way up to Camp II, 6400m, and Camp III.

Everest weather

Summit winds: Between 5-10 m/s. On Friday rapidly increasing northwest-westerly winds to 20-30 m/s. During Saturday and Sunday probably 35-45 m/s, perhaps 50 m/s. By definition a Storm is above 17 m/s, Hurricane is above 32 m/s.

A low over Tibet is slowly moving eastwards giving moist conditions on Wednesday with some precipitation in the form of snow. Thursday follows a small ridge with drier air and only a few snow showers. However, the period may end in moister
conditions at times and an increasing risk for snow showers.

Everest North

Chinese Sohu expedition breaks into three summit teams. They report the weather has cleared and they will head up the mountain. By Thursday climbers plan to camp at 7790m and then make a push above 8000m.

Everest East

Cathy and Ian climbed a nearby peak to get a better view of their intended new route up Everest’s North East face. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and they were unable to see Everest. For the rest of the week they will continue to shuttle loads to the base of their route and hope to be on the mountain by the week’s end.

Everest South

Adventures International is in base camp and will start up the mountain tomorrow for a acclimatization at Camp II, 6400m, and Camp III, 6800m.

Sean Burch is up in Camp III, 6800m and hoped to make a push for Camp IV, South Col, 7900m today if the weather allowed. He is climbing without oxygen

Everest Speed Expedition – Manuela Di Centa joins her team in base camp after spending some extra time in the Italian pyramid, above the town of Lobuche to help her body adjust to the altitude. The team is ready for a trip into the icefall.

Eight climbers on the French 50 expedition are on the mountain at Camp II waiting for the weather to clear to make a push to Camp III.

Climbers from the Bad Heilbrunner team are back in base camp after a trip up to the Camp II and Camp III.

The Adventure Consultants team is in Camp II. They plan on resting tomorrow and then climbing up towards Camp III the following day.

Charlie Wittmack is frustrated with recent developments in his expedition that threaten to place him and his climbing partner on separate days for their summit attempt. In addition, his additional oxygen that he purchased for use from Camp III might not be available anymore.

One group from the Jagged Globe expedition is resting in base camp after returning from Camp III, while a second group is headed up that way.


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