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Everest daily wrap-up April 25, 2003
0-2:35 a.m. EDT Apr 25, 2003
Everest South side expedition leaders' meeting today. The North side had theirs two weeks ago. Leaders will discuss who will be fixing ropes on the top part of the route and other safety issues. On Kangchenjunga, an ice avalanche crushed Amical's gear stash, slowing, but not stopping progress. The team managed to replace some needed gear from a visiting trekker.

Everest Weather

ExplorersWeb is watching an area with a lot of snowfall coming in towards Everest. It is still too early to know if next week it will hit or pass by.

Everest North

Russian Adventure Team reaches ABC, 6400m - This 20km trip is usually split into two days, but the team went for it in one. As they expected, their tents in Middle Camp (between BC and ABC) were searched through. As they were empty, the culprits only made out with some quick-draws (2 caribeeners connected by cord). The team is hoping to spend a night at 7900m this trip up.

Everest East

Cathy and Ian found an alternative route - Things are looking better for husband and wife duo going for a new route on Everest's East face. Ian is recovering from his tooth abscess and an alternative, safer route has been found. The initial route they'd planned on was too dangerous.

Everest South

South side expedition leader meeting today - They'll be deciding on who will fix ropes up the rest of the route to the summit.

French 50 has a dozen climbers in Camp II, 6400m - More will be joining them today and this weekend they are looking to make a trip up to Camp III, 6800m.

Alpine Ascents climber withdraws from expedition - After a second try at the icefall, an expedition member decided to withdraw from the expedition, not feeling strong enough for the climb.

Team Everest 03 has electricity woes - Their generator is now kaput. Fortunately a car battery has been delivered and along with some solar panels the team should be able to get some much needed juice for their tech. One of the climbers has decided to head home after struggling with altitude-related problems for some time now. Gary Guller and Gary Scott have been up in Camp II and planned on making a trip to Camp III before heading back down to base camp.

Two Jagged Globe climbers will spend tonight in Camp III - The rest of the team will head up to Camp II tomorrow and then Camp III the following day. They report a lot of ice on the Lhotse Face, up to Camp III. In today's dispatch, expedition leader, Robert Anderson writes about a typical day in base camp.

Tarragona Everest team gets their tunes bumping in base camp again - The Basque-Ecuadorian team lent them a hand and got 4 speakers working again for the Tarragonan team - their base camp cinema is now back in action.


The Dutch reached Camp I, 5550m on April 18th. - They have met with the American team to discuss fixing the ropes up the route. The American's Sherpas had set Camp II, 6800m already. This past week the Dutch team split into two groups and planned on advancing up to Camp II.


An Ice avalanche destroys Amical's supply depot at 6200m - Upon arrival at the foot of an ice face along the route, the team found a giant serac had crushed their supply depot - the contents of which were crucial to continue work on the route. After 2 hours of fruitless digging, the team headed down to base camp. Fortunately, they had spares for most of what they needed in base camp and were able to purchase crampons from a visiting trekker. Tomorrow they'll head back up with new equipment and give it another go.

Other news

First major cease-fire violation in Nepal - A Maoist was killed in a gun fight. This comes on the same day that Maoists and the Ministry met to decide when to restart the stalled peace talks. Formal talks will are still planned for this Sunday.

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