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Everest daily wrap-up
0-2:51 a.m. EDT Apr 24, 2003
Cathy and Ian have reached base camp on the East Face of Everest. Their planned route is too hazardous and they are looking for alternatives. On the North side the Chinese have fixed ropes to 7790m.

Everest Weather

Mostly dry weather due to a passing ridge from Pakistan on Thursday. From Friday more unstable weather with snow showers due to some smaller troughs. During the weekend a cyclonic circulation is formed over Afghanistan and will move southeast down to northern India on Monday. The main parts of accompanying precipitation will stay west of Mount Everest but the forecast is uncertain.

Everest East

Cathy and Ian have arrived in their base camp, 5300m - Ian is suffering from a tooth abscess which has been painful and their initial route is threatened by two overhanging seracs. They are currently doing some reconnaissance and looking for alternative possibilities for routes.

Everest North

Russian Adventure Team heads up tomorrow aiming to reach Camp III, 7900m and be back down by May 1st. With this all done, they will be confident in their overall success. The team's oxygen will hopefully arrive by today. Misha, who had suffered from an eye hemorrhage is on a truck and en route to Kathmandu.

Chinese SoHu expedition has fixed ropes to 7790m.

Northern Irish team member back home in Ireland and safe - Stephen Synott, who came down with HACE on his way to base camp was evacuated to Kathmandu and then flew home after initial treatment. Upon arrival in Ireland his condition worsened and he was admitted to a hospital. Fortunately he has responded well to treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

Everest South

Sean Burch's tent blown away at Camp II, 6400m - He has climbed a bit past Camp II and descended to base camp on the 19th. Sean's face is swollen, feet are sore, but he is looking forward to the arrival of his significant other in base camp.

The Italians reach the Pyramid just outside Lobuche and should be arriving in base camp shortly.

French 50 expedition's injured sherpa will recover - In the recent icefall collapse, two of the sherpas with the French expedition were injured. One is currently in Kathmandu with a broken back, but is not paralyzed. Members of the expedition have spent nights at Camp II, 6400m.

A climber from Bob Hoffman's American Commemorative expedition goes home - Robert Rowley has had some acclimatization problems and left base camp today for home.


The Swedish Dhaulagiri team has reached Camp I, 5700m

Jean-Christophe Lafaille has spend the night under Dhampas pass, 4800m and expects to arrive in base camp on the 24th.

Other news and mountains

A Japanese team summited Hunchi, 7036m on April 19th - They are members of the, "Osaka Eiho Alpine Club," and were led by Takashi Shiro, 66.

Maoists threaten to go back to the jungle unless the King of Nepal comes with a concrete agenda for the next peace talks.

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