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Everest daily wrap-up Apr 28, 2003
12:48 p.m. EDT Apr 28, 2003
Everest daily wrap-up

Several teams have reported a snowstorm above the North Col, Camp I, 7000m, on the North Side. The Russian's Sherpa crew is refusing to go up to and set Camp III, near the 8000m mark. On the South side, some smaller teams might be ready for a summit bid in early May, while some others are looking to get one last acclimatization trip up to Camp III, 6800m. Today Sherpas were up at the South Col and are heading back down to Camp II.

Everest weather

The South Side base camp reports overcast and snowy weather. From Thursday increasing northwesterly winds due to approaching jet and from Friday rapidly increasing to 35-40 m/s at the summit. A cyclonic circulation over Tibet is slowly moving eastwards during the period and at the same time weakening. Moist conditions at start probably widespread precipitation, and later on snow showers. From Thursday occasionally drier weather.

Everest North

Russian Adventure Team climbers are in Camp II, 7500m, in a snowstorm. Their Sherpas refuse to go up and set Camp III, so the climbers will head down to Camp I on the North Col, 7000m, and join the other team members.

Russian St. Petersburg expedition went up to ABC this past weekend for their 3rd acclimatization trip. They plan on sleeping at Camp II and then making a push for 8300m to further acclimatize.

The Northern Irish team is up in Camp I, the North Col, 7000m. They will wait out the bad weather and then head up to an intermediate camp at 7500m. Sherpa Ang Puri and Jamie McGuiness will make a push for Camp II, 7680m, to stash some of the team's oxygen.

Kari Kobler's team reached ABC, 5150m, on April 23rd. Two members of the team have slept a night at the North Col, 7000m.

Everest South

Pat Falvey's Irish team are in base camp and plan on starting up the mountain at 0300 hrs tomorrow morning for a push up to Camp II, 6400m, and then to Camp III, 6800m.

Adventures International is in base camp and will rest a few day before heading up for their last acclimatization trip.

Team Everest 03 back down from Camp II, 6400m. Their Sherpas have established Camp III, 6800m, and have shuttled a load to Camp IV, 7900m.

Alan Arnette and Adventure Consultants team plans on heading up the mountain today for Camp II, 6800m, and a trip up the Lhotse Face to 7000m.

Alpine Ascents are in base camp playing cards, chess, and resting. In a few days they'll start up towards Camp III, 6800m.

The Belgian Everest 2003 team is spread out. Two climbers have just returned to base camp from a climb to Camp III, two more left yesterday for Camp I, and another 2 left today for Camp I as well.


Carlos and the team have reached Camp II, 7000m and are resting for their upcoming summit bid.


The Swedish report that all expeditions are down in base camp. There is a snowstorm on the mountain, but down in base camp there are lighter winds and lighter snowfall. Above them they constantly hear avalanches on the mountain.


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