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Everest climbers hours away from the summit?
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May 17, 2005 23: 16 EST
The German team from Leipzig have just reported on two expeditions reaching C4 earlier today and going for the summit tonight. Sun is already up in Nepal, which means that summit news could come at any moment, if the climbers actually have left the South Col.

“A huge American expedition and a Korean group have gone for the summit, despite the weather conditions being far from good. Both teams reached the South Col today and they will attempt the summit tonight, with supplementary oxygen support.”

Icefall closing down on June 1st

The Germans are concerned that all teams in BC may be attempting the summit during the same few days. Poor weather conditions have prevented teams from attempting the summit until now.

The Khumbu Icefall will close down by June 1st, which means that everybody must be down from the mountain by then.

The fact is contributing to the tension and causing teams to go for the summit before the usual weather window.

We can't wait in C4 without O2

“We don’t want to risk our lives and the Sherpa working for us going for the summit in poor weather. But most of all, we are climbing without O2 and therefore we can’t afford to remain in C3 or C4 for a long time, waiting for the right moment to go out,” says the German climbers.

Image of climbers on their way to C4, courtesy of the Leipzig Expedition.
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