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Everest avalanche update - Live image from Camp 1
image story

May 4, 2005 09: 18 EST
Reports of this mornings avalanche are pouring in. ExWeb will continue the coverage but first, here's the Leipziger's dispatch:

"04.05.2005: Avalanche at Mt. Everest
This morning at 5:24 o'clock, a huge avalanche destroyed camp 1 almost completely. The camp consisted of about 60 to 70 tents and only five of them were unaffected, among them that of our expedition.

Per hazard, I (Olaf) went down to the base camp this morning. So I, along with 5 Sherpas was one of the first at the catastrophe site, about one and a half hour after the disaster.

And I will never forget this view. Where the colorful city of tents was there was a white expanse of ruins made of ice and rocks. First I passed the five intact tents, luckily the one of our expedition among them. Three persons were just making a radio contact to the basscamp. They told us what happened.

It takes about 5- 10 minutes from this point to get to the main camp 1. When setting our camp 1, we thought that this more advanced site would be more secure, which turned to be true. When we reached the main camp 1, there was a horror view: Complete destruction."

Live image from the buried Camp, courtesy of the expedition

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