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Everest and North Pole, two champs switch arenas
14:24 p.m. EDT May 28, 2003
In Martial arts, sometimes Karate black belts take up Judo and vice versa. A black belt in one sport doesn't allow for arrogance when taking up another. The ones who fare best, are the ones who are humble enough to recognize that we are all white belts when facing a new challenge.

Two champs this year are living proof of the diversity in two seemingly similar sports. Mr. Park, the Messner of Asia, has scaled all fourteen 8000ers. This year he turned around, for the second time, on his North Pole expedition.

Borge Ousland is the polar champ who has made several polar crossings and was the first person in the world to ski unassisted to the North Pole. A few days ago, Borge turned around on the South Summit of Everest.

A Champion is not made by his successes. A true champion is created by his/her battles with failure. If we know our friends right, their failures this year are to be noted as nothing else but temporary.

L to R: Borge Ousland, Young-Seok Park

Image of Borge courtesy of Ousland.com
Image of Mr. Park couresy of Damien Gildea

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