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Everest Summit push facing storm force winds
15:49 p.m. EDT May 16, 2003
With only 13 days left in the Everest season, climbers push upwards with hopes of grabbing a weather opportunity.

The weather forecasts, however, still do not show any signs of the desirable weather window. Summit winds are predicted to lower somewhat to 15-25 m/s, which is considered climbable, but only by experienced mountaineers. An added risk of being out there in those conditions is that a slight elevation of wind speed will yield hurricane force winds.

Most climbers will have been through high winds at extreme altitudes earlier, and will know how to protect themselves.

One potentially good aspect of the high wind forecasts is that we’ll see the summit attempts being spread out over more days, creating less congestion at places like the Hillary step and the summit itself.

Below is a special Weather report received by the climbers an hour ago:

Special weather report:

Summit wind forecast indicates 20-25 m/s with gusts 30 m/s or higher. The wind will drop from Sunday and over Monday to 15-25 m/s. NOTE! Forecasted wind speeds are still considered high. Even though we are expecting a drop in winds this is most probably not a weather window with ideal conditions. Long range (5-7 days) wind speed forecasts hold a larger degree of uncertainty.

Early weather charts show a forming of the Monsoon south of India during the next couple of days. No movement yet.

The reports will be updated daily during the weekend.
Safe climb

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