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Everest South: Singaporeans w/o O2 on summit push
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May 31, 2005 12: 08 EST
Robert Goh and Edwin Siew, from the Premier Taxis Everest expeditions, are now in Camp 4, getting ready for their summit push tonight, without supplementary O2. Their departure planned time was 8:00 pm, local time (10:00 am New York time, 10:00 pm Singapore time). The early start is necessary for their no O2 attempt, which they expect will take between 14 and 16 hours to the summit.

Second no O2 Everest bid of the season

Robert and Edwin’s is the second no O2 summit attempt launched on Everest this season. Briton Gavin Bates attempted the summit without gas also from the south side, but turned back at the Balcony.

The Singaporean climbers left C3 at five in the morning today. They launched their summit push from BC on May, 27th, along with two members of Singapore national University team: Lindley and Ernest (these climbing on supplementary oxygen from C3).

NUS team: Summit announced earlier this morning

Two of the other members of the NUS team - Lindley and Ernest - launched their summit push from Camp 4 yesterday night. Earlier this morning the expedition website updated the following: “The team has planted the NUS flag on the summit.” However, there are no further details on the climbers, summit time or current location.

Edwin Siew summited Shisha Pangma in alpine style in 2002 and Mount Everest in 1998. Robert Gon reached Shisha’s central summit in the 2002’ expedition, and Everest’s South summit as member of the 98' expedition.

Image of Robert and Edwin two weeks ago at the Geneva Spur, courtesy of Singapore Premier Taxis Expedition.

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