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Everest South: Ben Webster injured - aborts climb
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Apr 19, 2005 12: 19 EST
In the latest ExWeb Everest wrap-up, Ben Webster expressed his concerns about the condition of the ice fall, where he and Shaunna planned to come back through today after spending time in Camp 2.

The team's Base Camp manager also reported that one climber broke his wrist and another fell in the ice fall, both shaken so badly that they are leaving the expedition.

Shaunna in a decision process

In a later report today, several other climbers and the Everest medical clinic reported that a climber had broken his leg. Now Ben's and Shaunna's website confirms that it was Ben Webster who slipped and broke his leg in two places. His team mate Shaunna Burke is currently in the decision process on whether to come back home or continue the climb.

Shaunna Burke and Ben Webster were returning to Everest to finish an attempt which ended in high winds at South Col last year. Sponsored by Telecom Ottawa, Ben Webster, Everest summiter and producer of the award nominated 6-part mini-series for the Discovery Channel was leading the small team and streamed satellite video to highschools of the Ottawa Carelton School Board. Shaunna has been on Everest twice filming for the Discovery Channel and is returning this year to summit and carry out her Ph.D. thesis on the psychology of Everest climbers.

Image of the Everest Ice fall, ExplorersWeb files.

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