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Everest Snowboarders in Waist Deep Snow Meeting at 6800 Meters
00:03 a.m. EDT Sep 10, 2003
10.40 PM EST (08.40 AM local) Eric called in. Listen to the voice dispatch:

Audio - Eric calling in 04.40 AM (local)

"This is Eric Henderson here, Sept 10th for the Snowboard Everest expedition. Thank God I got some SoBe adrenalin rush with me ....all night long and monitor the climbers on the route......its been working much better than black tea, so thank you SoBe.

The climbers are at 6800 meters or so and they've encountered some waste deep snow and not super conducive climbing conditions, they are having a meeting right now, a power out about conditions and they haven't met their objective for the day, so there seems to be some excitement up there ...so stand by and I will update the website within the next three hours and let you know if they are continuing upward or coming downward. Thank you".

Stephen Koch aims to snowboard the Seven Summits. With only one left to go – Everest – he chose the hard way; down one of the world’s most famous direct lines, the Hornbein Couloir.

Jimmy Chin plans to climb to the top with Stephen and then ski down. Eric Hendersen will follow part of the route and do the communications. The team also chose their two sherpas, Lakpa Dorje Sherpa and Kami Sherpa for companions on the climb: "Lakpa has summitted 4 times without oxygen and Kami has summitted 2x with oxygen. They are great partners and we are excited to have them along."

Off season, in the Monsoon, there are no fixed ropes, no camps and no O2. Stephen, Jimmy and Eric are friends from Wyoming. The expedition uses Contact 2.0 software to provide Web updates.

Image courtesy of Everest Snowboarders.

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