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Everest Singapore no O2 attempt: Edwin and Robert - Wind was the reason
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Jun 3, 2005 05: 19 EST
Singapore Premier Taxis no O2 expedition team members Rober Goh and Edwin Siew are back in BC, after aborting their bid on June,1st. Lulin Reutens, from their support team in BC, has just sent over the climbers’ account on their attempt.

“Edwin left Camp 4 at 9pm on June 1. The winds were not as strong as the previous night when he and Robert abandoned their summit plans, but still strong enough to whip the tents.”

Edwin: Safety comes first

“Edwin made a brave attempt to battle the winds and cold but at about 10.30pm, decided it was futile and turned back to Camp 4.”

“It was certainly disappointing but it was a wise move as safety was his priority.”

Meanwhile, Robert made it back to BC, where he explained what had happened. Contrary to previous reports on him being exhausted and thus heading back down, the Singaporean climber wanted to make clear that his decision was caused by the weather, and not his state of health.

Robert feeling fit and strong

“I was given the wrong information on why he descended and abandoned his summit bid, explained Lulin. “But he is now at BC and explained things to me personally. Robert decided to give up his summit bid and descended on the morning of June 1st, although he was feeling fit and strong.”

"I looked at the winds that night," Robert told her. "Going by the weather forecasts predicting increasing wind speeds for the next two days, I decided even if the weathermen were wrong, the speeds would not likely decrease sufficiently to make it possible to reach the summit. Climbing without oxygen needs good weather - calm or at least mild winds. I know I would have made it under such conditions. But given the high winds, I knew it would be futile."

”Edwin, however, decided to give it a go anyway and eventually turned back, proving Robert right in his decision,” added Lulin.

“The two men are disappointed with the weather this season, but not with their performance. They had climbed in excellent time from camp to camp up to the South Col. But summiting Everest without oxygen will have to wait to another occasion.”

Edwin Siew summited Shisha Pangma in alpine style in 2002 and Mount Everest in 1998. Robert Gon reached Shisha’s central summit in the 2002’ expedition, and Everest’s South summit as member of the 98' expedition.

The pair planned on launching their summit push without supplementary O2 on the night of May, 31st. Robert considered conditions were poor and headed back down the morning next. Edwin waited for another day and departed Camp 4 on the night of June 1st, but turned round soon afterwards.

Image of Robert and Edwin at the Geneva Spur during a preparatory climb prior to the summit push, courtesy of Singapore Premier Taxis Expedition.

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